The Creepiest Google Maps Images

Top 10 of the most bizarre creepy photos that were caught on Google Maps. Subscribe to our channel: Other Videos You Might Like ...

47 thoughts on “The Creepiest Google Maps Images

  1. The first image was a crime scene in 2009 in Richmond, California a lot of deaths happen there for some reason. It was an investigation and the body in the photo was a 14 year old boy. The family came upon this picture and asked Google to take it down- they did- so its a different image

  2. yes i have look at pleasant hall LSU curved road at the tip look at window that is open what is that????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. The Car Bandits one is completely normal in the northern part of Mexico. Its a Mexican tradition where people dress up in creepy masks and costumes. They are called Chicaleros. They stop cars and harass people for money and candy. This all happens for a week or two before Easter Sunday. They are supposed to represent demons harassing people until they are vanquished on easter Sunday.

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