The 22Gz Interview: Losing Nick Blixky, CJ Beef, Youtube Detectives, Kodak Black & More

22Gz talks about his come up, Brooklyn drill, enjoying the fruit of his labor, being more mature, how he really feels about CJ and more!

49 thoughts on “The 22Gz Interview: Losing Nick Blixky, CJ Beef, Youtube Detectives, Kodak Black & More

  1. 0:46 Adam remembers when they met
    2:33 Chicago influence and the competition in Brooklyn
    3:15 When 22Gz started to really get recognition
    5:12 "Blicky"
    6:16 Taking music seriously to honor his late friend Nick Blixky
    7:11 Not staying in NY anymore
    12:43 Gentrification might push someone to move to an area he's not supposed to be at
    14:04 Maturing in the music business
    15:20 Relationship with Kodak
    16:57 What the internet think they know with their fake investigation youtube videos
    19:10 22Gz addresses Justo B and the fake grave incident
    20:05 Saying his condolences when Pop Smoke passed
    22:39 "Any new rapper comin up tryna compare to me and diss me to stay relevant"
    25:14 CJ canceled his No Jumper interview because of a 22Gz post on No Jumper IG??
    26:34 How 22Gz really feel about CJ
    29:40 Matty Gz vs MaxThaDemon
    30:22 Celebrity boxing match
    31:15 22Gz wants to do a Verzuz
    31:54 Cops not letting certain artists perform in NY
    33:08 Dancing and flickin the hat to his head, dancing on the train in NY
    35:11 Weed review
    36:15 Relationship with Jackboy and Kodak: "They're brothers"
    37:18 New music comin up
    38:56 "I'm a Brooklyn drill pioneer"
    40:11 Autotune for the females
    40:38 There's no indictment linked to 22Gz: "Yall buggin, yall antagonizing me, using my name in fake headlines"
    41:29 S/O Yak, Bleu, Asian Doll and more

  2. I aint gonna lie 22Gz way better than pop smoke . Only reason bro aint blow up like pop did in his career cause NYC aint GD friendly. I fw pop smoke, his music fire but 22Gz on another level than pop with his music.

  3. I’m GDK from nyc but great interview Adam and I see growth in 22 even tho I don’t jack the folks doesn’t mean I don’t respect what he doing ❕! Like if you from NYC ALSO

  4. Not a huge fan of Drill music I'm more into the classic east coast sound piano and string boom bap shit but I gotta admit I fuck with dude and how he carries himself .

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