That guy you met at a transformational music festival

Transformational music festival guy recognizes you in the desert Align your consciousness with my live stand-up dates: ...

50 thoughts on “That guy you met at a transformational music festival

  1. Great skit! So relatable and great laughter medicine! Thanks Brother!! 😂😅😆😂🤙✨💚✨🦁😜💚🌈🌟 I love these "make fun of yourself" comedic sketches! Assuming you've already seen some of the "things ___ people say" skits, some of those are so great! A little sad though to see so many of the comments below taking your bit seriously and as an opportunity to show "how they really feel", yikes! Haters gonna purge, what can you do? Thanks again, totally enjoying your skits dude!

  2. Every time he mentions a city or town it seems like the most pretentious name dropping ever lol like the only reason the person ever went there is just so that they can brag that they've been there and that you totally need to go as well.

  3. I love that Vegan Leather exists. It's just such a huge great poop on the whole vegan thing. It's horribly toxic for the environment to make, leeches harmful chemicals, and isn't recyclable. Hilarious

  4. Okay…. call me cray cray, but some of this is me…. the philosophy part and the 5G phobia… lol! What I love about you is that you are making fun of everything, especially the irony of selling things at the end to make money! Lol!

  5. Aye man not everyone is like that lol
    I lived in a van with my wife for like a year going to festivals and tripping but also running an Airbnb business to keep the cash flow going lol

  6. This is an actual representation of everybody in my clientele at my natural herbal mechanic garage "In The Trees" of Santa Cruz Brah! (I'm so lonely, fucking weirdos hahaha! OMG! I bought 5 of those third eye pine cones!)

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