Teleseminar Secrets For the Beginner

When creating Teleseminars, one thing to remember is to make it easy for your prospects to listen. I do this also by offering a MP3 download. I talked about hyper linking the recordings so someone can download the MP3 file and take it with them on the road. I have all the recordings transcribed so I create a .pdf transcript. There are a lot of people who hate listening to audio but who are super fast readers. They are just used to reading and get through a transcript faster than audio. I offer those people who love listening to audio online they can just play it online through the buttons we've talked about at AudioTerminator.

Now, I'm kind of competing with these people who think they can read faster than they can listen because I've created my first piece of software that is called, SpeedUpMyMP3. This is simple software and if you're out there listening to a lot of the audio recordings on my site, you know there is a lot of content. You can digest this information without even realizing that you can speed this stuff up 25% to 30% and you wouldn't even know after a while you can't even tell you're listening to it at a high speed.

So what you do is download the software onto your computer, you open up your SpeedUpMyMP3 software and you load it into that and you can convert the audio where it'll compress it and play it faster. So you may take an hour audio and it may only take you 40 minutes to listen to it, but it won't sound like the chipmunks. The tone will be the same but it will be faster. It takes out a lot of the space.

Once you convert it you save that file in an accelerated format and you can take it with you. So I'm trying to do more running and I'll go run down at the Bay here in San Diego and if I need to relisten to audio or I'm studying content, I absolutely speed up my audio and I am able to blow through content. I'm listening to it comfortably at about 165% faster. It takes a little getting used to but you can really blow through audio very quickly.

Now, I also will offer the playback. Okay, the playback; you can take that speeded up audio and I can upload it to the software to create the buttons, Audio Terminator, and I can put a button on my Web site that the people who want to listen online they can press the play button and it will play at that accelerated rate. So I've done that on a couple of my interviews on the John Carlton interview, I have the button that has it play in accelerated rate.

I looked at the stats and it was interesting because I wanted to see how many people downloaded the accelerated MP3 file compared to the normal file. I had about 40% of the downloads for like the John Carlton and the Ted Nicholas interviews where I offered both downloads, the accelerated rate and the normal rate. About 40% of those people downloaded the accelerated audio. So that should tell you something, it's just a valuable, timesaving device.

So by developing that software I wanted to add more value for my listeners and anyone who is going to create audio interviews with experts you can get this piece of software. It's only $20 and you can convert all of your audios and offer something to your listeners, something that no one else has that will separate you. You really are doing them a favor by offering them a way to save time.

Another way is you could take your audio and put it on a CD Rom. There are still a lot of people with CD players in their car, you can create a CD Rom, a physical CD and you can mail it out and this is a great way to capture information, as well. People can put that CD Rom in their CD player. So having a physical CD and using the mail to deliver your message makes your audio more valuable and makes you different than others out there.

You could take your transcripts and you can put them into a three ring binder that you can pick up at OfficeMax or Staples for about $1.50 and you can put your CD in there and you can put your transcripts and punch three holes in them and say, "You can have a three ring binder with your transcripts and a CD." You can sell that. You could sell that for $30, $40, or $50. Even $100.

So these are some of the things that I think you could use and that I use to add value for my listeners in Teleseminars.


Source by Michael Senoff

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