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Even Small Nations Have Jumped into the Cyber Espionage Game
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Data in Danger Amid New IT Challenges

Survey finds new threats due to the pandemic make managing enterprise cyber-risk even more challenging. A survey of IT and cybersecurity professionals finds a significant number believe their data is at higher or imminent risk because of COVID-19 related threats. Dark Reading’s most recent Strategic Security Survey shows that a high percentage of organizations struggle to minimize the unexpected risks around widespread remote work, even as they seek to minimize…

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Challenges and Opportunities to Foster School Success

Three actualities emerging from recent research indicate that we must focus concentrated attention on low-income children before they enter school: (a) poverty among young children is becoming more intense; (b) poverty coupled with other risk factors, such as chronic neighborhood violence and high stress from urban living, places young children at great risk of negative outcomes; and (c) early intervention with both children and their families can mitigate the effects…

Even Small Nations Have Jumped into the Cyber Espionage Game
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Handcuffs Over AI: Solving Security Challenges With Law Enforcement

We’ve tried everything else … now it’s time to make the prospect of getting caught — and punished — a real deterrent to cybercrime. For the last 20 years, spending to solve cybersecurity goals has exploded to more than $100 billion annually. Security vendors tout advances in detection and protection that will provide the relief that has evaded the craft since its formation. The most recently heralded messiahs are machine…

This Queer Christian's Album Challenges The Contemporary Christian Music Industry
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This Queer Christian’s Album Challenges The Contemporary Christian Music Industry

Christian bands like the Newsboys, DC Talk and Hawk Nelson formed the soundtrack to Grace Semler Baldridge’s life as a teenager. The musician, known professionally as Semler, remembers holing up in her bedroom as a child, writing songs in her head and imagining what it would be like to be onstage with Reliant K. But just as surely as she loved Christian music, there was another thing Semler thought she knew…