Super Smash Bros. 3DS Glitches and Tricks!

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29 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros. 3DS Glitches and Tricks!

  1. For the Ness one. What’s prolly happening is that the laser is registered the moment it spawns as being absorbed, but it also goes ultra fast, so it did the rotating spiral absorb animation and hit Ike on the way

  2. My boy space chicken UPLOADED? Bro, April fools was like 5 months ago. Yet you’ve been gone for years. Did you leave for milk and couldn’t find it?

    Dad why?

  3. "Not sure how he escaped the blastzoneñ
    Afaik, you only get KO's by the top blastzone if an enemy attcks you. If you reach the blast zone purely by your character's moveset it won't kill you. Imm not exactly sure which game started this, but I do know you can SD on the top blast zone in Smash 64 because you can even get a star KO Kirby's break the targets stage just by jumping and using kirby's up-b

  4. The last Rosa "glitch" is technically not a glitch, just not intentional. What happens is that rosa floats a bit above the ground, even more so when charging a luma shot, and her ECB ends up being lower than her hurtbox.

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