Super Mario 64 Abandoned Underwater Town [Mystery Bit] TetraBitGaming

Exploring the eerie abandoned town in Super Mario 64. Many mysteries surround this town and why it was included in the games Wet-Dry World. Is it just a ...

30 thoughts on “Super Mario 64 Abandoned Underwater Town [Mystery Bit] TetraBitGaming

  1. It's off-putting how the whole stage is trapped in four walls. All the other stages have more space to explore, are more life-like and feel like real worlds, but this one just stretches up, which feels claustrophobic, like you're trapped inside, all the enemies feel/look like robots, all the colors are muted, cold and/or dark, and the background feels more real than the other ones, way too real, like it's not supposed to be that way. And the music, I'm sorry for not knowing how to describe it better, but it feels constipated.
    The whole level is like a spiky ball, it sticks out in every way. No wonder people think it has a negative emotional aura, after playing all the other levels it just feels wrong.

  2. I remember my own experience with this place when I first played SM64DS many years ago.

    I completed the first four stars in Wet-Dry World, but then, I got to the mission called "Go To Town For 8 Red Coins". I had no idea where the Red Coins were, and since the second mission was already called "Top O' The Town", I figured they must have been in the main area somewhere. I did notice the blocked-off entrance to the Town, but I had no clue what was down that hole, and never thought of it being the way to go. Only long later did I finally begin to wonder what was down there, and found my way down there, and uncovered this mysterious place, and of course, finally found the Red Coins I searched so long for. And I've always had a fascination for this place ever since.

    The only "Negative Aura" the Town has ever given me is the fact that you can't go back to the main area once you enter it without exiting the level.

  3. When I play WDW in the 3d all stars version of 64, I feel like 30% less drained than playing the original game's version of the level even though the level is basically exactly the same.

  4. I love the background music to this video.

    It really helps to settle that dark and mysterious tone, that fits with the idea of Wet-Dry-World's underwater city being previously inhabited by people that drowned because of the constantly raising and lowering water levels, wich means you are basically exploring a giant underwater graveyard.

    That might mean that if you were ever be able to open the buildings, you would probably find a bunch of rotting corpses inside.

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