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Sony’s Stock History: How Low Can It Go?

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Note that analysts’ forecasts regarding the future price of Sony’s shares may turn out to be incorrect.

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Sony’s stock price forecast had a 12-month median price target of $150.00 at the time of writing (February 16), with a high valuation of $177.38 and a low valuation of $106. $71, according to 21 analysts listed by CNN Money.

The median forecast for Sony’s share price was about 38% upside from the current (February 15) share price of about $108.45. According to the average opinion of analysts, Sony Corp. (SNE) will do better, with an average target price of 7,730.50 Japanese yen, or $69.15, compared to a three-month average target price of 6,587.27 yen, or $58.87.

On Friday, analyst Nomura Instinet raised its stock price forecast for Sony to 8,000 yen, or $71.42, up 27% from current levels, according to CNBC.


According to Reuters, ahead of Sony Corp’s upcoming earnings report. (SNE) The consensus view is for Sony shares to rise nearly 24% over the next 12 months.

Shares of Sony Corporation (SONY) rose today following a number of major announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January.

Japanese electronics and media giant Sony Corporation (SONY) is a company known to millions. The Sony Group of companies develops, designs, manufactures and sells electronic equipment, tools, devices, game consoles and software for the consumer, professional and industrial markets.


Sony Group also develops, produces, markets and distributes recorded music; publishes music; and also produces and distributes animated titles, game applications based on animated titles, and various services for music and visual products. With a 55% image sensor market share, Sony Group Corporation is the largest image sensor manufacturer, the second largest camera manufacturer and the leader in semiconductor sales.

With a strong market position and plans to make significant investments in some key areas in an increasingly competitive environment, Sony’s stock could benefit from higher prices despite ongoing cost and supply chain issues.

Following the latest news on Sony stock, investors will be fully aware of the company’s potential downside risks.

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Shares of Sony Corp Ord hold sell signals from short-term and long-term moving averages, giving a more negative outlook for the stock. Sony Corp Ord has several negative signals and is in a broad and downtrend, so we believe that its performance will remain weak in the coming days or weeks.

Sony shares fell 12% on the day Microsoft announced its $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft amid fears of increased competition in the market.

Sony shares fell 13 percent as the Tokyo stock market reacted to yesterday’s industry-shocking announcement that Microsoft will buy Activision Blizzard Microsoft will buy Activision Blizzard.


As detailed in a Bloomberg report, Sony shares reportedly fell 13% in Tokyo on Wednesday, just a day after the Microsoft acquisition.

Tokyo, Feb 3 (Reuters) – Shares of Sony Corps fell 8.8% in early trading in Tokyo on Thursday after rising for four consecutive days on concerns over its gaming business amid component shortages and competition from major competitors.

 The share price of Sony Corp Ord fell 1.48% on the final day (Thursday, March 3, 2022) from $101.74 to $100.23.

Sony stock has experienced volatility in 2022, with the price of shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange falling more than 15% as of Feb. 15 to $107.50 from a 52-week high of $133.75.


Sony Corp Ord Expected Open Price Friday, March 4, 2022 The Expected Open Price is based on yesterday’s move between high, low and close.

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If you want to buy Sony stock through a broker, it’s important to find out what they offer you. For example, some brokers may even customize their platforms based on your investment goals, income, risk profile, and other personal information.


Please be fully aware of the risks and costs associated with trading in the financial markets, this is one of the riskiest forms of investment.

Direct Share Purchase Plan (DSPP) is a method of buying shares directly from a company.


Sony will support users by distributing the necessary compliance documentation for GMP manufacturing, such as CoA (Certificate of Analysis), Pet-Free Manufacturing Certificate, and product information files.

Sony is expected to start shipping the new cell isolation system in the fall of 2022. Sony has introduced the new CGX10 Cell Isolation System, which sorts cells at high speed and high purity in a closed system.


The new cell isolation system offers the ability to isolate individual cells using up to ten parameters, and the signal depends on the excitation of four lasers (405nm/488nm/561nm/638nm) to detect target cells of interest.

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With the launch of the new cell separation system, Sony’s life sciences business will expand from research applications to the development and production of cell therapy, which will further advance the development of cell therapy.

Sony also announced a prototype SUV (VISION-S 02) as a new form factor.


There has also been speculation that Sony Corp will be forced to follow rival Microsoft (MSFT.O) in offering games on its Game Pass subscription service, potentially squeezing profits.


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