Smashmouth Singer Steps Down From Band Amid Serious Heart Issues

Smashmouth singer Steve Harwell is facing some serious heart issues that have, at least temporarily, taken him away from the stage. The band has since hired a ...

40 thoughts on “Smashmouth Singer Steps Down From Band Amid Serious Heart Issues

  1. Remember the joke about Steve, Violent J and Guy Fieri all being the same person? Well Violent J of ICP is retiring from touring due to heart issues and so is Steve. Guy hasn't announced his retirement from going around and gorging himself on greasy food, but it's coming. They are the same person and I for one, love this trinity of persons unironically. I love all things 90s, and I've kept up with Smashy Smash even after the rest of you gave up on them. Get The Picture is their 2003 masterpiece, check that one out.

  2. To be honest it's going to be a long recovery but also at the same time I didn't understand this I felt like they needed new material yes I loved their old stuff which it was very good I felt like they needed to be updating their stuff

  3. Cardiomyopathy is what killed Dave Williams from Drowning Pool, seemingly out of nowhere back in 2002. Its can become a very serious issue if left unchecked. Glad Steve caught his and is receiving treatment for it. Dave didn't know he had it. Ended up killing him in his sleep while on tour. It's a shame, because Dave most likely would still be alive had he gone to a doctor and gotten treatment for it. He was having fatigue and chest pains, but wrote it off as a pulled muscle in his chest and ignored it. Take care of yourselves people.

  4. he's going to be fine if he makes a 180 on his life style. people recover from that 100%, I recovered from that by cutting all the salt, sugar, and fried food. I started exercising as soon as my doc gave me the go and lost 60 pounds ever since. Now I run a mile a day haven't felt this healthy since when I was an athlete in my teens.

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