Singing DONDA In Public

in this video, I sing Praise God by Kanye West, in public. By the way, Travis Scott has a lyric in this song that says: "Kept it real tight like your son" and I'm trying ...

42 thoughts on “Singing DONDA In Public

  1. If being straight edge leads to you doing this, I think I'll stay smoking weed everyday working steady office job

    Like damn man, singing bada boom Bada bing hanging on traffic lights – that's exactly what crack heads do so what's the difference between you and them

  2. This dude needs weed! I'm being serious; let me expand. I think him being so straight edge has led to an unrecognizably obnoxious ego. He has no outer self that observes the person he portrays. He goes out in public and acts like an obnoxious circus clown putting innocent bystanders on the internet without their permission. I get this is all fun, and damn he makes it looks so fire, but deep down it's ultra cringe cuz it's only received recognition because it uses the general public's reaction to this man's circus act. Weed, would allow steezy to be more conscious of his societal self. Imagine if we all came to streezys neighborhood dancing around him listening to country, smooth jazz and classical getting all up in his face and have someone record him. Smoke some weed man damn!

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