Secrets from Underneath Washington DC | Cities of the Underworld (S2, E10) | Full Episode | History

Washington D.C. is headquarters for one of the most powerful governments in the world. Decisions that reverberate around the world are made here.

44 thoughts on “Secrets from Underneath Washington DC | Cities of the Underworld (S2, E10) | Full Episode | History

  1. Have you heard? Kim Kardashian says 2021 has been pretty crazy and stuff what with the pandemic and has decided to build a 62 million dollar underground bunker. That seems like a reasonable response, right? Actually, the bunker business is booming right now. Many of our trusted celebrities and politicians who certainly shun any sort of occultism are pretty concerned about getting sick yeah? For 62 million Kimmy's underground castle might have two baths and one blood bath. Good for them, I'm sure they'll all come right back up once we're finished being sick and absolutely nothing else happens.

  2. A pretty good fast paced video of what could have been. A small mistake at 24:20. A picture of a Super Constellation of the type used by then President Eisenhower but the commentary refers to a militarized 747. The type plane now used by our so called President.

  3. Lmfao classified ?? You showed clear view of all surrounding buildings and with Google street view it would take about 15 minutes to find the entrance

  4. That narrative just doesn't work anymore. We are not the most powerful nation on Earth. We are not "secure" and safe anymore, either. We have become a joke and a disgrace ‼️ It saddens me. D.C. is under attack again… this time, from WITHIN ‼️ It saddens me.

  5. No longer the Capitol of the most powerful nation on earth since January 20, 2021. Let’s go Brandon!

    Imagine the smell in D.C. with open sewers. Appropriate today?

  6. NOW!!! Does anyone believe this is 'HOW' our presidents would have gained access to the tunnels!!! LOL These 'DUMBS' have been drained (I Pray)! Never to be used again for their demonic ceremonies!!

  7. Silly posters ! Since you KNOW about this fallderal, it is NOT significant. Seriously Important undergrounds are soooo secret, that the people who BUILT THEM do not even know that they exist ! Mysteries like why Wombat poo is cubic are much more important on the socio-political scene !

  8. Why on this God's earth are we letting these people run things? They have totally destroyed our country. So many people have moved to Canada to get away from this prison that Canada don't even want us there anymore!!! It states in the constitution that if we are not happy with our leaders that we have every right to take them out of office. You know what biden said to that? He said we better have alot of tanks and high powered rifles if we want to go against the government. What?!! That is our RIGHT!!!

  9. The people make the government we put them I the the place of power they are in we pay them and if it hits the fan they are protected and everyone else is just SOL ain’t that a bit they should have. Places for the people

  10. There's often more sewage occupying the White House and Congress than what may be flowing underground! There are Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff turds and so many more floating around the 'Shithole' of Washington, D.C.

  11. Why do we give everyone so much info of how the US works, tunneling, how we acted in past and how we would act on n future??? No other country gives out all their info and secrets….

  12. I was actually in the Rayburn House Building on 9-11. We were evaluated and everyone, including congress members stood outside and we could see the smoke billowing from the Pentagon.

  13. Have to laugh: if the assorted g'ment types were scattered across all those underground facilities, the only thing they'd be "governing" would be themselves. John Q Public would be left to survive all by ourselves–and we all know how that would go. There would be no services (power/gas/water/tv/cellphones/etc) of any sort for us because all that is electric and computer controlled: all taken out with the EMP. Out here, we'd revert to vigilantes, warlords and mob rule in the blink of an eye. Way to go, human animal.

  14. The recent global flooding has flooded most of the underground basses that the Nephelim and fallen angels have been using to coordinate an army to defeat their Creator. They shared the technology to direct weather conditions and are now on the destructive receiving end of this technology.
    Nothing has or ever will, catch God by surprise. The Egyptian army can attest to that fact and that God has a wry sense of humor.
    The Old Testament book of Esther is another of many examples of God allowing His enemies to feel that they would succeed in their wicked plans, before being profoundly disappointed.
    The Jewish “Feast of Trumpets” is the next prophetic feast to be fulfilled. This feast is a two day event and everyone celebrating this feast would be outside looking into the sky for the first glimpse of the new moon.
    No one knows the exact day or hour of the rescue of the global Church but we are expected to know the season.
    The miraculous sovereign Nation of Israel celebrated their 73rd rebirth day on May 14, 2021. The generation that is born at the same time Israel is reborn will not pass away before all of the eschatological, (study of end time events) prophecies have been fulfilled. God has declared a generation as three score and ten (70) years or four score (80) years by reason of strength. The average lifespan in developed counties is 78 years. The remaining unfulfilled prophesies must be literally fulfilled before 2028.
    You can know before you place your head on your My Pillow tonight that when your heart stops or the “Rapture” takes place, you will spend eternity in heaven.
    The first and third chapters of the Gospel of John (kJV) clearly describe the Deity of Messiah and God’s perfect, exclusive and loving plan for redemption and salvation.

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