Secret Megalopolis of Ants Uncovered – Truly a Wonder of the World !

How do subterranean cities of ants look like? 10 tons of cement were required to fill the wholes and tunnels. Then it took weeks to uncover the secret ...

46 thoughts on “Secret Megalopolis of Ants Uncovered – Truly a Wonder of the World !

  1. I wish there was a way to 3d scan. The entirety of one of these colonies to see in person in a museum how massive and well coordinated these colonies can be would be amazing

  2. A normal person would just walk pass by and never be able to Experience what theses guys brought forth.
    Truly amazing peace of work and art this would make a fantastic art peace covering it with aluminum.

  3. Truly a wonder of the world all relying on Instinctive Wisdom that comes from a Loving Caring Creator which means as an information rich system it did not come about through mindless blind evolution.

  4. Yes it is true design by the programming of the entity of unphatomable intelligence and the creator of molecules 🔥 Jesus Christ 🔥 it has imparted the knowledge in it's creations .

  5. That's what ants do it's their purpose to create these structures so it's not like they destroyed their country cottage they live to build and these things and die off litterly work them selves to death millions died during the construction of that colony no doubt but I doubt it was abandoned that was built to house generation after generation of ants very cool to see the cement version what was hollowed out underground .!!!

  6. Like the video said at the 1:55 minuet mark. " Everything looks like that it has been designed by an architect" == It is WRONG to say that it wasn't, when it was, DESIGNED by an ARCHITEC. How else could this have happened by accident? === Evolution = Self Assembling Atoms = Impossible ====

  7. You know how they say “no animals were injured in this production”? Well, in this production an estimated 19 million ants were drowned and burned to death. This aggression will not stand.

  8. This is what will happen to human civilation if we go underground. Some giants will from outer space and pour concrete down our living spaces.

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