Seattle's Big Bertha tunnel drill blocked by mystery object

Something is blocking a massive drill from carving out a new future for Seattle's commuters. John Blackstone reports on a mysterious problem encountered by ...

28 thoughts on “Seattle's Big Bertha tunnel drill blocked by mystery object

  1. People would be safer in an underground double decker tunnel during an earthquake than on that highway? Sure sounds like politicians want to spend money and builders want to cash in.

  2. do you think they know Boston’s “Big Dig” was a public funding scam/ complete local political corruption fiasco? cuz it sounds like they’re excited for it.

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  4. WOW…late to the show…live in WA state…know it as Big Bertha…never seemed to get traction…was "supposed to" replace the above ground transportation bottleneck…maybe now that I'm awake I see things very differently.

  5. Who tf saw the video of someone video taping the inside of the tunnel it had breathing walls and flews like all over.. please tell me someone watched it when it came out!! I can't find it anywhere they deleted it after a few days after but it was before they said they had "hit something"

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