Saigon: Why is Megan Thee Stallion Nominated for Lyricist of the Year? (Part 4)

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24 thoughts on “Saigon: Why is Megan Thee Stallion Nominated for Lyricist of the Year? (Part 4)

  1. When you talk lyricist I'm think Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Her, nicki Minaj and etc. Like anybody can write down sum shit and talk bout they vagina and how niggas is all day. I like Meg but that wasn't the category for her and I'm just being honest. Jayz nem bought that award she didn't earn it, it was bought.

  2. I am sorry but all this sounds like some hater mess. Meg can rap, write and flow period!!!! She is a beast on her freestyles and when she does features she sounds better than the main artist. Hell she sounds better than a lot of theses male rappers that are out. I tell you these black men are mad funny…..SMH!!!!

  3. I’ll be honest I hate how she’s made thottery cool but she can spit. Lyricist of the year? I wouldn’t go that far, but she could be if she focused on her lyricism more and less on the thottery

  4. Man I went to school with her bro. She was a prep. A nigga in the comments said "image over skill" and he right…she used to try and hang out in the hood on the weekends, but she was and still is a good kid bro. I respect the hustle, and that's my nigga, but it's hella great female lyricists that deserve that recognition.

  5. true. I like megan because her personality is fun. I do listen to some of her music, yes her lyrics are very very sexual all day everyday. she could switch it up but that's her style of music

  6. Counterpoint: Who cares? Every year ppl feign outrage over these corporate award shows. They do shit to get reactions. It’s a feature, not a bug. Don’t feed the beast.

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