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Local farming is fading as profit margins decide what food makes it to our plates. The new Netflix documentary series Rotten exposes the fraud, corruption, and ...

37 thoughts on “Rotten | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  1. Can you provide this good products?

    After 2023 until 2030
    In 1 or 6 year depending Farm needs

    Orange Jubilee Tomatoes types in Right Temperature for Countries when can Farm Guatemala or & Vietnam or other Countries too

  2. On the avocado wars episode a guy was forced to shut down a few acres of avocado field because of the drought and he has the AUDACITY to cry and say its not the same farm i used to run and play… well the same thing goes for the fishes and other animals who lives off the river where you took water to grow your fuckin avocados sir. Seriously i hope for people like that guy, reincarnation isnt an option for them for i will give away 20 yrs of my lifeforce just to see that guy reincarnated into an animal just to see their home get destroyed by humans for the sake of profit.

  3. I've been to a Chinese restaurant in the past, I realised they couldn't speak English after telling them I had a nut allergy, I got the impression from their broken English that they thought I was asking for nuts and I tried to get the point across but they didn't seem to understand what I was asking for and eventually we just went somewhere else. It probably seemed really rude but I really didn't want to risk saying "nuts" to somebody across a language barrier.

  4. Animal agriculture is the most horrific thing that humanity has done… and it even affects humans negatively. It is absolutely unethical and must be left for us to progress to a truly civilized society.

  5. What these greedy psychopaths won't do for a fast buck! Almighty profits has stolen and poisoned men's souls…every form of currency is soaked with blood. Love of money truly is the root of all evils!

  6. The Rotten investigative reports are revealing. I have always advocated against the production off edible marijuana products, dangerous for our children & youth, but a medically acceptable tea bag for a therpeutic use may discourage vaping. All drugs or food additives have side effects as do pharmaceuticals. Even occasional smoking of the flower may be safer than how the marketplace is responding with Greed instead of medical knowledge regarding how the liver metabolizes edibles compared to smoking, plus the danger edibles pose for children or youth, or even adults who consume too much.

  7. Then there is the time associated with poverty that translates to more incarceration& free labor. The Devil is the Golden Bull on Wall Street they all worship together in their mansions. I guess Jesus got in the way of the Senate, but He is still more powerful than the Devils We Know

  8. In addition if Doctors really cared they would be on top of these problems but they don’t. They care about how much money they can make from alcoholics or drug addicts that support the powerful alcohol & pharmaceuticals industry , as we know

  9. Sugar cane is also about Alcohol 🍺 production killing citizens, creating diabetes, mental health issues, heart disease, crime & hopefully we will all die before government has to pay us pensions. Ultraviolet light can neutralize chemicals, & potassium salts cAn also be recycled through evaporation systems. Military engineers cannot manage in isolation from international environmental legislation, human rights, labor laws, or common sense. Greedy Devils

  10. Investigative journalism Matters. We have to rethink business to help farmers. Greed is destroying our environment, starving whales 🐳 with overfishing, creating poverty, rebellion, malnutrition, and illness. Grow fresh. Support the small farmers, eat locally, improve labor law enforcement, implement technological advancements to develop best prescribes, including drones for harvesting & less chemicals with greenhouse hydroponics

  11. I just watched the episode about chocolate and was left so discouraged. What do I do now? Hope the other episodes have a more practical ending, I just don't know what to do except for just quit chocolate all together? Does that even help, I feel hopeless.

  12. If you really care grow your own food and don't be naive thinking your complaining is going to make a positive difference just because a video exposes you to the reality of sustaining a ballooning population. Now a days people rather do fun recreational activities than the necessities our ancestors had to do to survive and put food on the table. You can't have your cheap cake and digest it well too.

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