Roseanne Reboot Season 10 Episode 1, Episode 2 Review & Reaction (S10E01, S10E02)

Roseanne Reboot Season 10 Episode 1, Episode 2 Review & Reaction (S10E01, S10E02)

“What’s up, Deplorable?” That’s how self-described “proud Deplorable” Roseanne Barr’s title character was greeted by her pussy hat-wearing sister (two-time Emmy winner Laurie Metcalf) in the first episode of her rebooted sitcom Roseanne.

A record-breaking 18 million viewers tuned into ABC Tuesday night to watch the return of the 1990s queen of sitcom. After a 20-year absence, Barr revived her award-winning role as the matriarch of the working class Conner family of Lanford, Illinois. And Trump’s America found a champion.

After the 2016 election, Hollywood executives realized how ridiculously out of step they were with their audience. If the box office collapse and network television implosion wasn’t proof enough, the election of Donald Trump left no doubt they were clueless about life outside their media bubble.

Hillary’s loss came as a complete shock to them because, to paraphrase Pauline Kael’s infamous (and probably apocryphal) quote about Nixon’s 1972 victory, they didn’t know anyone who voted for Trump.

Well, actually, they did know at least one Trump voter: Roseanne Barr.

For a brief time following the election, Hollywood’s top brass tossed around the idea of reaching out to Trump’s forgotten men and women with targeted programming. Most of those early conciliatory gestures gave way to pussy hat protests, Russian conspiracies, and mass “un-friend-ings.” The #Resistance furthered the divide.

But one project did break through the political noise, as the entertainment industry turned to an old pro for guidance.










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  1. I loved the way they handled this all. To me, this show is about loving each other regardless of what we see as flaws (family/friends). Roseann irl has been fair with Trump, she's small govt & calls President Trump out when she thinks he is wrong & gives him credit when she thinks he is right. She is badass & has always been real.

  2. I thought the politics weren’t too much. Handled pretty fairly. Jackie may have been portrayed a bit ridiculously…but still funny. The boy in girl’s clothes was handled pretty well. It reminded me of how progressive the original show was 20+ years ago.
    I had to explain the 2 Becky thing and several other things to my wife who grew up in Brazil and hadn’t seen this show. All in all, pretty good, but I don’t know if I’ll be watching it “faithfully” but maybe every once in a while…maybe when Johnny Galecki comes on and any other cast members from the OG show.

  3. ABL asked about the black granddaughter and why she was there in the series… in the original episodes, DJs first crush was with a black girl and Roseanne Barr said the back story is that DJ married her… the point is that "working class mentality" (that has nothing to do with money, as it's a value, not economic condition) is,already intergrated through common human values…before the divisiveness of pc correctness began assaulting these values.

  4. I had to sit, think, research on Roseanne so I could see if the show is a trap. It’s presented as just a family in middle America, with Roseanne who is a conservative. In actuality, it’s a show about a middle America family, and Roseanne only voted Conservative by voting for Trump. She could have basically been changed to a Bernie voter because she only voted Trump for economics and fighting against the elites. They sneak Liberal messaging past you a little bit. (the it’s my body, my choice part, where Roseanne agreed with her is an example). If you are watching because you solely like the show for the jokes and nostalgia, then you have no problem. If you are watching it because you think it’s a Conservative, Anti-Liberal show, tread VERY carefully.

  5. Seems as though it will be pushing hard all political/social issues, transgender, gay, Trump, feminist, liberal, Black/White relationships, Surrogacy and single mom. Heard they will also have issues about the drug epidemic. May be a little too much on issues. Don't think it will be as good as the original show, however, it is very rare any show re-boot is as good as the 1st.

  6. Darlene's boyfriend was David who actually was living with Dan and Roseanne like an adopted son. Then he and Darlene got in a relationship and they got married. Also, I wonder if Roseanne still runs the 'Loose Meat' Diner. We'll see if this comes up in later episodes

  7. I'm 28 this year & I remember my mom watching it when it was airing back in the 90s. It wasn't until I got older & saw the constant reruns on Nick at Night and whatever other channels that I understood some of the topics were controversial for their time. I've always been a fan but I feel like I appreciate the reboot so much more now that I'm an adult functioning in this society. Always was a great show & I'm glad they didn't try too hard like the Will & Grace reboot did.

  8. I laughed my ass off when Roseanne Jackie and Dan kept calling Darlene Gay since the actress is, glad her character isn’t since I still pull for Darlene/David!

    DJ’s wife is from the show before (an ep where DJ feels weird about kissing a black girl) and now she’s his wife and they have a bio daughter!

  9. I'm pretty sure the last episode of Roseanne ended with her sitting in the basement writing. The whole last two or three seasons were nothing but a fantasy story she had been writing, Dan had died from a heart attack. And the grandbaby didn't make it. And she was writing to make extra money because things were really bad.

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Learning to see problems from above to create new approaches and solutions

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