Ron DeSantis Opponent Charlie Crist is 'Nuts'

Ron DeSantis Opponent Charlie Crist is ‘Nuts’

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  1. People of the world please take heed for the kingdom of God is at hand… The Lord Jesus Christ is coming with the clouds and great glory….. One day everything will change In the twinkling of an eye…….. Anytime the rapture can happen..please beware for the son of man come at an hour no one knoweth……..JESUS IS COMING

  2. exceptional – LOL Merriam-Webster, in part, defines "exceptional" as "Superior", but….BUT also as being 1."Rare" or 3. A: "having above or BELOW average intelligence" B: "Physically disabled". In other words…lol, he's not wrong in calling Biden exceptional. Unfortunately for liberals, 2 out of the 3 definitions of "exceptional" aren't necessarily a "good thing". Words are hard.

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