Ringtones – Convenience Drives the Industry

The one thing that drives any industry is the desire of the target audience. In the case of the ringtones industry, the target audience is teenagers and younger adults. The reason for this is that these audiences are more likely to use multiple ringtones or have more than the generic tones that are normally included on the mobile phones. As a result, an industry was created simply by the demand for small highly compressed musical files used to notify a person of a phone call.

Ringtones are no longer used however, just to notify individuals of a phone call. Mobile phones are no longer just for phone calls. There are scheduler options, calendars, alarms and other functions that can make use of the ringtone files. As a result of the increased number of functions which use a ringtone there has been an increased demand for ringtones, this has resulted in a over 251 million websites which contain information or purchasing options on ringtones.

There are several different ways that ringtones can be obtained. The first way is to create them. This is of course for people who want to take the time to create something unique. The files can then be transmitted to the mobile phone and even shared. Downloading capabilities are required as well as uploading capabilities in order to accomplish this. The other methods are probably simpler and easier to use the first of these is by using the ringtone additions that are provided by the mobile phone service provider. These can be found usually through the mobile phone service provider website.

Other options include reward sites, which give away ringtones as prizes, subscription sites or most of the time ringtones can be found easily for download in a variety of different formats including file share programs. The standard file compression format for a ringtone is midi. Any wav or mp3 file can be converted into a midi file with the right software. This allows individuals to easily share the files, manufacturers to have a standardized format allowing them to work with any mobile phone.

Anyone with a mobile phone can now enjoy any type of compilation as a ringtone because of the standardized format used to compress the data allowing mobile phone technology to use music, or other recordings as ringtones. The industry itself is geared more towards the younger age groupings because of an increased chance of actual usage though usage had increased among all audiences because of the increase in advanced and combination features offered through mobile phone technology. These additional features, which may use ringtones, are programs like schedulers, calendars and alarms. This is in addition to the standard features offered by mobile phones for multiple ringtone usage.


Source by Mike Bunyan

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