Rick & Morty x Smash Bros x John Wick x Jujutsu Kaisen | Commander Clash S11E07

The crew does Universes Beyond Commander Clash style, building decks around different non-Magic IPs including Smash Bros, Jujutsu Kaisen, John Wick and ...

45 thoughts on “Rick & Morty x Smash Bros x John Wick x Jujutsu Kaisen | Commander Clash S11E07

  1. I've done this exact thing a couple of times! I have a deck themed around Ace Attorney led by Azor the Law Bringer where the theme is stuff that Investigates and bad, but flavorful, counterspells such as Contradict and Fall of the Gavel.
    My other themed deck is Persona 5 led by Lazav, Dimir Mastermind as Joker. I have a card representing every party member, NPC confidant, boss fight, and of course, some board wipes to be the All-out Attack.

  2. I was like "phil's attacking into the mindslicer, crim's bluff of not caring about his hand is getting blown" And then he does that theatre and no one finds it fishy because of crim's history with modo interface xD

  3. This was a fantastic flavor filled episode but man I'm tired of crims PoV. Dudes always angle shooting worse than tomer does lol. "Hey we should all discard our hands discard our hands. Woah wait we need to draw cards to answer Richard's board!" Also you dont have to pretend you skipped your turn when you're holding up an instant lol

  4. Crin your pronunciation of Sukuna gave me an aneurism. But FUCK YEAH I love every one of these series so I feel like the real winner here. Checked all the primers and each of you did a phenomenal job

  5. I don't comment often, but I noticed a lack of engagement on the post and really loved watching this. Thanks for uploading this and to everyone who participated! It was fun to watch and I ended up looking at all the deck lists. Awesome job everyone – thoroughly done through and through. It's nice to see Phil on camera with the rest of the team too.

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