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Rib side tattoo, or what others call as rib cage tattoo is a body art inked somewhere on the body’s rib cage area. Normally, this is for huge tattoo designs. These body inks are famous for its intense pain that the bearer has to go through when tattooing. The rib side of a human is a lean and sensitive part with extremely less tissue padding on the region. This makes the entire tattooing procedure on this particular part very painful. Apart from the pain, the rib side tattoos are also somewhat uncomfortable. Therefore, prior to getting a tattoo such this one, you need to ensure that you have lots of tolerance and patience on the pain that tattooing will cause. In addition, a rib side body ink is ideal only for people who have toned abdomen. Below are the best designs of rib side tattoo for guys.

Celtic Tattoos

These were created by a group of individuals known as Celts. These body images are famous for their difficult designs which composed of knots. There are a lot of designs that are included in Celtic tattoos. These are the Celtic crosses, simple Celtic knots, Celtic butterfly and the like. These images have been connected to Christianity and represent fertility and growth. The make several good tattoo choices to devotees of Christianity. If you want to opt for small rib side design, you can always settle with these tattoos.

Sayings and Quotes

Carving popular saying and quotes has been the famous option for side tattoo for guys. Obtaining this image is a truly strange means to convey your thoughts by means of your preferred saying or quote.

Dragon Tattoos

These are popular for their huge designs, packed with vivacious colors. They need an exceptional canvas in order to give justice to the design. European dragon, Chinese dragon, Japanese dragon and Tribal dragon tattoos are only some of the most famous. Each of them yields different meanings and physical traits. You might need lots of time to choose the dragon tattoo as you will be offered manifold of options ahead of you.

Snake Tattoos

These body arts make some of the finest rib side tattoo for guys. Snake tattoos are famous for both negative and positive connotation. They are normally big in size and the rib side offers the needed space. Because there are a lot of various kinds of snakes, you also have lots of choices to select from. The manner the snake tattoo is inked denotes its meanings.

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