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In life, two important things matter the most – love and respect. Jesus, in the Bible, tells us to “love the Lord your God” and “love your neighbor as yourself.” These are the most crucial of the ten commandments. True enough, they are admirable virtues in a person who aims to follow God’s way. If only people practice these traits every day, the world will be a much better place to live in.

Love and respect usually go hand in hand. Although love including Christian love may have varied meanings, it generally entails respect, affection, good-will and concern for the well-being of the one you love. Respect also involves love and regard for the person dear to you. It means not having to trespass in his rights or putting a person down when he or she is wrong. This leads to the golden rule of Jesus which is to “do unto others what you want others to do to you.” If, for instance, you got furious over an incident and are tempted to say or do something unpleasant, ask yourself first if you would also want that said or done to you. We should, therefore, do our best to do good most of the time because the blessings we will receive will also be a thousandfold. If you know how to respect your loved ones and neighbors, you will earn respect from them in return.

Respect is a true Christian value. It is needed in our society today what with rudeness in language and action as well as vulgarities so widespread among the young and the old alike. Even the church and its leaders are not spared from destructive and crude criticisms. But then, people must not lose hope as there are still those who take extra efforts to instill the value of respect in others. These efforts must continue to remind people that respecting others is truly an admirable trait. In the Bible, the foundation of respect can be traced to the creation of human beings by God. Humans were created in God’s image hence, they deserve to be treated with respect no matter how sinful they are. Respect means having a proper sense of regard for the needs of other people. Surely, if only all people know how to respect one another, then our society will be at its best. If only people show respect through their own will, then there’s no need to pay somebody just to be kind and helpful, no need to shout to make others listen to us and people will just pay attention. Good manners and right conduct should be the bottom line. They are vital in social interaction and promote the habit of attentiveness. Courtesy like simply saying thank you, excuse me and good morning are already a good start.

Parents should never tire of teaching their growing children the value of respect. After all, they are the first teachers and are responsible for showing good examples to their kids. A home where members of the family live in harmony and respect will definitely nurture responsible children who know how to give regard to others. Apart from being good role models, parents should never forget to seek the aid of the Bible that teaches habits and attitudes crucial in showing respect towards others regardless of their age, race and status in life.


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