Reincarnational Statism

All energy exists at the same time, dead or alive, born, dying or changed. Everything is one. Reality is a unified field in that sense. Also, consciousness is about the same, because it is energy with “traditional conceptualizations” of what energy is. I mean, think about it: All energy always exists really and always, it does not matter what form it is in.

Reality is reality all over reality whatever we do about it, everything is all spiritual and physical all at once. I am not saying “change happens when we want it” or anything like that. I am saying that everything is a genuine statism of reality if you will as one form of energy is interchangeable with another in the sense of it being matter, and there is really not any such thing as the opposite of matter, including consciousness and all energy itself. What do you think Albert Einstein really meant by his famous “reality shaking” equation about energy and matter being one anyhow, and what is statism? It is simply that unification of states that says that it is all one energy concept unifying it all, not “many types of energy”. Before Einstein, what do you think the alchemists thought of or postulated anyway? Yes, energy and matter are one concept, not many. A statism so to speak or understand.

Reality comes down to conditions and what is, not what is not. Existence is made of matter and energy, what does not exist is made of the same only conceptually in thought, but it is the same “stuff”. Thought as well as physical reality is all energy and matter combined and nothing else.

So, let us put this into more practical terms: Thought and physical form are only different stages of the same thing in reality. The unreality is that it is all separate, and that reality cannot not exist. Dead or alive, reality exists whatever the condition. This is the statism that works throughout all of existence and reality.

Reality being what it is, energy and matter, I can honestly say that genuinely, nothing unreal exists, right down to thoughts. The only unreality is separation or stasis then, is it not. As long as there is reality, energy and matter, something in it is moving and alive somehow, even if “statistically dead” or “conceptually still”, energy is moving keeping the concept in existence at deep levels in the reality. I just explained how everything is one, and how reality really works. After all statism is simply the concept of a state of consciousness, reality, energy and motion. Reincarnation is nothing “too metaphysical”. It is simply the concept of consistent change and movement in reality, that is it. It is that simple, anything too complex is a Reuben Garrett Lucius “Rube” Goldberg cartoon. After all, the road best traveled always goes somewhere meaningful anyway. Get used to reality, you are going to be in it forever inextricably and ultimately and we have a choice to be winners or losers in it.

Source by Joshua Clayton

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