Real Estate Investors have GONE CRAZY (Goldman Sachs Invades Florida Housing Market)

Real Estate Investors have GONE CRAZY (Goldman Sachs Invades Florida Housing Market)

Wall Street Firms like Goldman Sachs have taken over the 2022 Housing Market. They’re buying entire communities in states like …


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  1. Largely agree with the analysis but not necessarily the conclusions. To truly support that, I'd like to see data on how many potential home buyers were frozen out by the low inventory. It's anecdotal, but whether it's friends or people posting on Reddit, that seems to be a big issue. Even if investors pull back to historical levels, it's possible (I'd say likely) that consumers will fill part of that gap.

  2. Only a moron will utilize facts from last year as it they were from this month and predict what's going happen in "several quarter's" as a determining factor.
    People like this told everyone to stop buying and or cheap sale their home in 2008 just to have bankers forclose or investors (Botg here mentioned) take advantage of it and profit from it all along this past 10 years. and all those that listened endeup regretting it in this very market.
    All of this bankers and business people should know about when to buy, right?
    But you gived up your point right at the end of the video, where you bring up how much better is investing in stocks …..

  3. I posted the palm bay purchase on your feed a month ago. I did a rehab across the street and the new neighborhood pushed my sale price up. None of those houses are going back to the market. They are forever rentals and they can hold them at super low interest rates. They are no longer inventory. There is a huge need for rentals here

  4. There is a thing called a cadastral record that most (if not all) states have as a public record. This will tell who (or which corporate entity) owns a given parcel. Anyone who is considering buying or renting a property might want to find out who owns the property now, do some research, and decide whether they want to do business with them. It never hurts to ask a lot of questions, like "why are you selling this property?"

  5. This type of thing has been happening here in New York for years. Every since the 2019 rental reform act, compounded with the Eviction Moratorium over the past 2 years, the investors are gobbling up property in the more landlord friendly states. This was inevitable, the only way it will change is if states like New York and California start to allow the development of new communities and housing more affordable and not as punitive on Landlords/investors

  6. Fraud written all over this housing bubble and no one will have consequences. It is despicable. I'll be waiting for the Movie The Big Short #2 after all of this unfolds. It is total B.S. I have a wife and 4 kids and we are renting. The American Dream of owning a non overpriced home I hope is not in the past. Greed and corruption is happening in front of our face and laws need to be implemented ASAP!

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