Q+A: Your Most Asked Questions (red flags, dating, divorce timeline, leaving CA, living alone)

Q+A: Your Most Asked Questions (red flags, dating, divorce timeline, leaving CA, living alone)

Thanks for asking these questions and bearing with me as I try my best to articulate my answers. I love you so very much.


Written by Michel Janse

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  1. I’m not sure why I am so anxious about this video going live — perhaps because I’m always wondering if I’m over or under sharing. My heart is to facilitate honest conversation to hopefully help someone else feel less alone in what they’re going through. Thank you for having grace when I’m not the most eloquent, respecting what I’m not yet ready to share + allowing me to process verbally as I come to new realizations. Though I’m eager to close this chapter soon, I’m thankful to be going through each phase w y’all by my side. Love you. 🖤

  2. I don't think that anybody has to feel pressurred to act according to the standards of church in terms of intimacy/dating, after divorce. I'm don't encourage being promiscuous, but what if sometime in the future you feel that deep emotional and spiritual connection with someone and you're also very attracted to each other? I honestly don't think that God cares about that, it's more a social standard (pretty ancient, if you ask me). As a matter of fact, if the church wouldn't set standards that are so high and expect people to be so flawless, i think that we would see less divorces, because people wouldn't settle for the wrong reasons so much.

  3. I am so sorry that you are hurting. I came across you searching on "opening fashion boxes". Well, as someone who is seriously old enough to be your mother, I can honestly say I have sadly seen a great number of young couples go separate ways – but it always ends up being the best thing, especially if there are no children. You are a pretty girl so will get offers but let me give you some kindly meant advice. Go back to college if you don't already have a degree. Get a career for yourself over the next few years. You will never then be reliant on anyone but yourself. You will also have the opportunity to meet higher calibre men. I recommend that you stand back from your channel for a few months, take a big deep breath, get your divorce finished, cry and grieve for something that died …. And then decide on a different but exciting new direction for your life. When, and if, you do start posting again make it about the road ahead and helping other young women know that they can survive as well. Keep your faith close to your heart and move forward unafraid x

  4. Michel, thank you for your vulnerability here. I am in the process of separating from my husband after 4 years of marriage and your videos have been very insightful and provided me with necessary hope. I can see the growth you are making and want to encourage you to stay on that journey!

  5. Michel, I feel for you and can relate. Please just take solace in the fact that you are young and have time to find the right person if that is the way you want to go. Anyway, have fun with your furry friend for now, and take this time to reflect and grow! I really enjoy your videos and am sorry that you are experiencing this.

  6. I found your intimacy answer so interesting. It's definatly not this way where I am from, you would assume that people have had other sexual partners. I imagine that your family background is marriage before sex and this is one reason why your family gets married at a young age. Knowing what you do now, do you think that's a good thing?

  7. I think you answered these questions very well. I learn helpful information from you every time I watch one of your You Tube videos/vlogs.
    Thank you for being open, honest and vulnerable with your audience here. You are doing well and thinking about things in a sensible way, well done.
    Keep taking care of yourself through this stressful time. Sending lots of love and positive vibes to you from Sydney, Australia xoxo

  8. I've just stumbled across your channel and I just want to say, that your prayers are reaching what you wanted because your videos have been so helpful to me. I just ended my long-term relationship/marriage of 6 years and it's been so difficult for me, so your videos have been really helpful. I'm also a similar age to you, 23 turning 24 lol. Don't feel pressured to open up about it, but if you do, I can really relate to what you're going through and it will definitely be helpful. Thank you!

    Edit: Grammar.

  9. Hello, I'm going through a breakup right now, it's been 2 days and it's pretty raw. I know the end of the relationship was the best thing for both of us, we just weren't right for each other. Even though we still love each other so much, that wasn't enough to stay in a partnership that wasn't serving me. So watching this type of content is so relevant to me right now and it helps to hear this conversation so so much. So thank you for sharing.

  10. I remember someone telling me during my separation ' when you make someone your world, and they leave, your world collapses!' My hard lesson was learning to know that I too am a priority and worthy, and that when I met my new partner, it felt all the lessons of the break up/ heartache, brought me the place where I could love myself and as such let someone love me ! So you hold on in there ! Stay strong and true to you ! Believe that the storm clouds will pass, and brighter days will come !

  11. I wasn’t going to share this until you mentioned that peoples analysis were kind of healing, but some videos a long time ago often made me think that considering that they’re married he doesn’t really seem that into her, and then I followed you on Instagram today and saw your posts together and I thought maybe he was just not comfortable in front of the camera but then you mentioned that that was the highlights of your relationship, so maybe my assumption was right, that’s not a nice instance to be right in because you deserve so much more and it’s difficult for me to imagine that someone wouldn’t appreciate you, I know we all have our flaws but you seem like such a good person, and I know people take advantage of good people but, still something about that confuses me. As other comments mention it’s really starting to look like you’ll be in a much better place and that maybe this divorce as you say is starting to feel like a blessing, because of all the opportunities given to you, and the time that you get to spend with family and friends, in any case I wish the best for you and I can’t wait to see where are you’ll be and what you’ll be up to in the future, much love ❤️

  12. I have been divorced for 3 years and my advice for any of the days that you think will be hard, the holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. MAKE PLANS! It doesn’t matter what the plan is, just make the plan, get up first thing in the morning and do the plan. Go to the place, do the thing. And be kind to yourself especially on those days. Remind yourself that you are a strong and independent woman of God. I have found that God always meets me on those days either in the form of kindness from strangers or just the sense of His presence and peace.

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