Pray for Kanye's Producers

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28 thoughts on “Pray for Kanye's Producers

  1. If you keep looking at your artist god though rose gold perfect glasses, you're going to be so disappointed when you finally realize it is a human being.

    Feel sonder for an artist for once, guys.
    Kanye isn't all inspirational go lucky god.

  2. There’s so many things that Kanye does that makes me respect him but then again he does stuff like this and it makes me rethink it. Dudes an egotistical maniac. (Literally, his manic bipolar episodes give him a God complex) And just seems like an asshole

  3. Wow this video and channel is a joke. You’re here telling us how to you do things in the music industry. You have never been in the industry how would you know how things are done? Yet alone to equate work and art as the same thing? Who are you to tell Kanye how to do his art? Art is a product of love not work, unionise the love you say?

  4. The narrative, apart from excluding struggles from working producers and feeding this fetish of the ultimate result through pain and suffering, also generates a biased view of artistry. No matter how much Kanye (or any other accomplished artist) impacted the market, in order for him to act like that to his team or whoever was involved, he had to be at the top of his game as well so this bullshit narrative would fly… assuming we thought there would be any validity to it on itself. Art is subjective, I never felt like Kanye was an absurd rapper or composer, but he made it big cause many people think different than me, that doesn’t give him the right to be a bloated asshole to people that go the extra mile to turn him into that accomplished artist.
    SZA talking about forced labour is simple glorification of slavery, no more, no less… It is based on an old fashioned idea of an old fashioned way of life that still believe we should bow down to others that are “better”… I’m sorry, but this is Pop, as much as I love a lot of it, you’re creating something for the biggest possible denominator, you’re not reinventing the wheel, you’re not a genius, you’re not god’s gift to earth!

  5. Given that some people were apparently working 33 hour shifts, I have a little more understanding for the guy who didn’t wake up to his alarm. Who knows when he finally was able to steal a couple hours of sleep. When you’re working human beings like this, they’re going to make mistakes. That’s why productivity goes down with overly long shifts. As someone who has been awake for around 35 hours at the time of writing this comment, I am completely useless during bad insomnia weeks, let alone when I’m up that long because I actually have to work on something the whole time.

  6. In case anyone wants to find me, I'm at the coffee bean off Al Hambra. I kept that engineer's phone from alerting him because there would have been a disastrous car accident. Tell Kanye in said it was cool. And he can call if he needs a better explanation.

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