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Porsha Williams DIRECTLY ADDRESSES Kenya Moore QUESTIONING If Her Activism Is For A RHOA Storyline
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  1. Damn if u do or don't Others out there joining WHATEVER your status THANK U for giving of yourself BC I don't see 50 percent of the crowd are celebrities! I saw PPL from all walks STANDING (saw a comment) AND MOST making comments was watching from their house like me BUT want to criticize who showed up YA WRONG FOR THAT.. Tighten up ppl

  2. ANYONE WHO SUPPORTED BLM all are selfless Standing for a cause How abt lets STOP even negative comments any attention! Let those individuals who are attacking any1 who has given and still stand firm for the cause ignore others words.. Lets them stand OVA THERE friend!! Negative energy can take away the joy the meaning from anything.. Mean ppl tend to pick n choose what THEY do is always relevant A SUPPORT is just what it is ITS NOT SELECTIVE.. Them 2 special ova there.. let them talk alone OVA there🍸Well done my sistahs n brothers Blessings &HIS PROTECTION yesss Amen

  3. Kenya always got something negative to say girl bye porsha doing a great job something for a young lady that lost her life tragedy i just never couldn't get with Kenya still cant shes always negative Great job porsha ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽❤

  4. Storyline or not I’m glad it’s being shown on tv and bringing more awareness and for Kenya to downplay it and then say porsha has did wrong to black women….Kenya needs to look in the mirror because her words hurt just as bad as a physical contact smh

  5. Kenya's the one who needs a storyline, she has none Brooklyn is beautiful but she can't carry Kenya. What else do she have her hair care products. It's a pandemic ppl not buying that. Porsha has more going for her than Kenya so now she's jealous. We know how crazy Ken gets

  6. Kenya Moore will never change. I really thought a child would change her but she’s still the same immature bipolar narcissistic woman she was before. She needs help.

  7. Kenya just mad because Porsha dragged her ass. He’s the one who have to create story lines. Porsha has a lot going on and Kenya is a jealous, lifeless wicked woman.

  8. Porsha is doing the right thing Kenya never have nothing good to say about Porsha ,Porsha do what u are doing I witch I was there with u I watch u grow u are a very nice human being ,Kenya will never like u remember about that slap u gave her on the show that night I was dieing she always have something bad to say about everyone and her life is a mess love u Porsha can’t wait to watch u an dish nation go girl

  9. How she using it as a storyline when she didn’t even know all this mess was gonna happen! That’s so stupid of Kenya or anyone else to say! Kenya need to be worried about that DIVORCE and loosing the weight she’s put on! She needs to get ACTIVE herself! Always Being BitterBetty

  10. Kenya is that BASIC ITCH… NOTHING EVER CHANGES WITH HER She has nothing going on positive in her life. So she brings negativity to other's. When will Andy get it. You have allowed kenya to bring this franchise down. Still don't like this Heifer. There's nothing REAL about kenya

  11. Kenya is jealous of ANYONE who has more going on than her… she only befriended Cynthia to develop a storyline with NeNe and she know Kandi finances are TOTALLY out of her league so she just pretend to like her….. but it’s not her fault…. she is miserable because of her family issues and tries to fill that void with superficial things and false feelings and jealousy…… I am starting to feel sorry for the her….. life is too short to be that blessed and upset

  12. Kenya sad. What she’s doing but throwing shade . She need to stop you got a daughter now. What goes around comes around. Judge not said the Lord. Whatever reason you think Porsha doing the BLM movement for don’t judge and pay attention to what’s going on in your life. Go back to crying. So you can be a better person.

  13. Kenya is a sad sista. She's not for anyone doing good. All she do is bashes people. Her life's a mess. Money can't buy you happiness Kenya. She wants all the spotlight for herself. I love Porcha. She's not fake unlike Kenya.

  14. Kenya moore is a hateful person unhappy people try to take the joy of others every man in her life, to her mom she is miserable she is so jealous of porsha her friends, her relationship with her mom period

  15. Honestly
    I Think you bloggers are given Kenya a storyline by keep talking about it,
    Yes Porsha dragged Kenya, to defend herself.
    Yes Porsha protest for a good cause.
    I Don’t care about anything else.
    Please stop talking about Kenya’s unnecessary statements they do not make sense.

  16. Porsha has grown tremendously sense the birth of her child and even before that she was doing the work on herself she knew she needed…Kenya and Eva need the same growth, but mainly Kenya…your focus should be on what you need to do about your marriage that you paid into for a story line.

  17. Kenya hasn't said or done anything regarding Social Justice, BLM or Breonna Taylor. All she can talk about is how "shady" She can be or how good she can "read you to flith". This woman is on here using her platform to raise awareness for a cause that is STILL HAPPENING. For someone who hasn't done a damn thing, why is she so quick to question and belittle another person's efforts. How dare you!!!

  18. Kenya speaks so dumb and ignorant!!She is trying to get Porsche to kick her ignorant ass again!! Don't fall for it Porsche she is trying to set you up to have you fired from the the show!! Kenya is an embarrassment and has major jealousy issues towards Sistas and brings absolutely nothing to RHOA🙄 Bye Kenya again!!!

  19. Kenya is a washed up, dried up, former beauty queen who, instead of acting like a 50-year-old woman (not to mention first time mom), wants to pick a fight with anyone that she feels threatened by. She's SHALLOW to say the least and refuse to mature. Her platform is her hair, her body, her fake and botched butt, and coming for ladies who take the attention from her. She attacks others for no reason, but when they retaliate, she's suddenly the victim, condemning others for the same behavior she exhibits. No surface to her. She definitely needs professional help. Period. #meanspirited #jealous

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