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The Decline and Fall of Martial Arts Films and the Rise of the Action Blockbuster Movie

Comparing martial arts films of the 1970s to the action blockbusters of 2009/10 Red Cliff, Ip Man and True Legend are already iconic of the early 21st century “martial arts films”-although many can argue they are more action spectacle than true “kung fu” films. The 1970s, on the other hand, didn’t rely on eye-candy effects and were defined more by the true grit of its martial arts actors: Bruce Lee,…

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Muscle/Tendon Change Classic

I think it’s strange whenever you see an article or anything really on the Muscle/Tendon Change Classic it’s on Bone Marrow Chi Gung. I wonder how this meditation and moving exercises could actually build and strengthen the muscles and tendons. Please don’t get me wrong, I am very aware of the power of Mind, but to restructure the muscles, come on! And again, please don’t misunderstand I know that Mind…

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Successfully Golfing After a Stroke for Fun and Fitness

There is no denying stroke survivors have a lot to deal with as they go through the rehabilitation process and learn to live with physical limitations. Unfortunately, far too many people treat having a stroke as a sign they can no longer enjoy physical activities. For stroke survivor’s who love to play golf, those so-called physical limitations aren’t as pronounced as one would imagine. Playing Golf Again is a Real…

The counterrevolution of cancel culture has arrived – The Other Press
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The counterrevolution of cancel culture has arrived – The Other Press

Illustration by CJ Sommerfeld The trajectory of polarization has further divided the right and left By CJ Sommerfeld, Staff Writer  The debate about Carano’s cancellation being caused by the perpetuation of a liberal narrative surrounding hate speech in Hollywood is further dividing the right from the left. We are living in a time where cancel culture—a social revolution of sorts—looms. This grants the canceller the ability to quickly transform how…

Learn How To Cook Delicious Food
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Learn How To Cook Delicious Food

Hungry Girl 300 Under 300: 300 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Dishes Under 300 Calories by Lisa Lillien provides three-hundred recipes for full-sized meals that are healthy as they are delicious. Recipes include breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes plus appetizers and sides. And here’s the kicker: each easy recipe only contains three-hundred calories or less! These recipes allow you to use supplies already in your kitchen such as crock-pots and foil…

The History of Frozen Yogurt
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The 5 Best Gummy Bear Brands

1. Black Forest Gummy Bear: A Consumer Favorite Many people consider the top brand on the best gummy bear list to be the Black Forest gummy. This may be because real fruit juice helps to make this candy a healthier version of the soft bear that so many people love. Many consumers appreciate the fact that Black Forest gummies are not as soft and chewy as some of the alternatives…

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How To Make Money Online Without Investing – Make Money With Clickbank

Usually people think that to make money online need to invest a lot of money at the beginning. Thanks to the advantages that Internet offers us today, and its technology, you can start an online business with virtually 0 investment. Follow these steps to earn money with ClickBank: Create a blog Blogs are currently the easiest way to create a professional looking web site in minutes without advanced knowledge of…