The Two Most Important DIY Concrete Mix Recipes
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The COVID-19 Vaccine Countdown!

Experts say that while the novel Coronavirus that hit planet earth in December 2019 created an unprecedented crisis for humankind the response to it by researchers, medical scientists and pharmaceutical companies in trying to discover a vaccine is also unprecedented. Under normal circumstances the process of discovering, testing and producing a vaccine takes from 5 years to 10 years thanks to the high failure rate associated with it. Therefore, the…

Jim Jordan Is Ranting Again
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Video Marketing: Effective Ways to Promote YouTube Videos

The web world is full of information but the typical attention span of an online person is that of a goldfish. In this scenario, videos get the upper hand while trying to engage the attention of online users. The current surge of online popularity for companies or individuals is well-defined by visual content promotion. The world of online video is thriving in a huge way, as a result of which…

Spice Up Your Decor With Indoor Water Fountains
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How To Choose The Best Value Selecting Prepared Weight Loss Meal Plans

Shedding pounds is one of the toughest tasks you may ever make an effort to achieve. Probably, the most complicated facets of reaching your ideal weight can be determining what weight loss meals it is possible to eat on your diet program along with what amount of food you can eat. Each different type of diet plan has diverse rules, so they can become rather confusing. Several prominent weight loss…

A Year of Life During COVID-19
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A Year of Life During COVID-19

It’s hard to believe that, in the United States, nearly every community had fallen under some sort of stay-in-place order just one year ago. For some the time has flown, for some, it has seemed never-ending, but it has had an impact on all of our lives.Embee conducted a survey about the various impacts that COVID-19 has had on individuals’ lives last week, and more than 2000 members of its…

A Spiritual Virus
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Reflections of Travel to Southeast Asia

As a four-decade Certified Travel Agent, international airline employee, researcher, writer, teacher, and photographer, travel, whether for pleasure or business purposes, has always been a significant and an integral part of my life. Some 400 trips to every portion of the globe, by means of road, rail, sea, and air, entailed destinations both mundane and exotic. This article focuses on those in Southeast Asia. Thailand: Although the land of the…