Nurtuan Records Music Production Service

Nurtuan Records Music Production Service

Nurtuan Records is looking forward to helping you with your next endeavor! Tracking, mixing and mastering – you need creative and experienced people around you with the proper set of equipment to make sure your vocals, lyrics, song composition and arrangement are all hitting the right notes, whether you are looking to release your lead single or crafting the next sensational jingle.

Nail down every corner of your music production needs with Nurtuan Records, including—

Recording in Our Studio – Trust us, it’s not enough that you are a first-rate musician, in order to preserve the eminence of your composition, you need a set of professional and veteran musicians in addition to your cutting-edge recording technology. With a wide range of professionally acclaimed instruments like 24 Control Console, High-Definition Studio Monitors, Pro Tools, Professional MIDI keyboards, Sound-Proof Rooms and other equipment, Nurtuan Records can help you in realizing your dream and take care of your sound from the very scratch to fine-tuned mixing and mastering at a very popular price point of only $40 per hour.

Mixing – Are you done recording your tracks? Well, now it’s time for a professional mixing. The ultimate objective of the mixing is not only to give the recording a kick and a pumping bass, you also need to plan it dynamically in order to reach out and take a hold of your audience. Nurtuan Records can take your tracks to the next level with a group of professionals over and above a series of classic and contemporary gears. Nurtuan Records can provide you with the best possible support in mixing your songs at the most competitive price of $150 per project.

PRO Mastering – Mastering endows the recorded track with the final touch that will make it sound great in every possible way. Whether it’s in a room, online, or on radio, mastering can ensure the best sound quality for your track, regardless of where it’s played and what it’s played with. It is the very next step of the mixing phase to give the track further character and definition. Nurtuan Records can add effects like equalization, compression, spacing, reverb, sequencing special imaging and trimming for only $60 per song.

Produce Your Full Single – As a musician, your job is to bring your talent to the table. At Nurtuan Records, we know how to translate your vision into a single people want to hear over and over again.
For a music production house, it is imperative to comprehend and convert the vision of the musician into some unforgettable moments. With just $300, Nurtuan Records can help you construct your full single with a lot of add-on services.

Produce Your Remix – One of the preeminent questions every musician faces is how could they target and reach a wide variety of audiences? You see, it’s very difficult to make every audience group happy with a single song, therefore, you can re-invent the originality with creativity and take things to a completely new level. Yes, it is possible. Nurtuan Records can help you assemble your remix with only $150.

Vocal Coach – Are you having trouble with your vocal composition? Fret not. Be it basic CD, MP3, training materials or in-person vocal lessons, Nurtuan Records can provide you distinctive assistance to overcome your hurdle. We believe in constructing a strong foundation and we can help your voice reach its full potential with our systematic step-by-step training module, at only $55 per hour.

Backing Vocals – Without harmonizing and complementing backing vocals, it is difficult to reverberate the song in a desired approach. In spite of the number or gender of the backing vocals, Nurtuan Records feels privileged to offer you professional backing vocal services. With a $75 charge per song, the gifted and professional backing vocalists will guarantee you an out of the ordinary experience for your song.

Mastered for iTunes – On your path of online reach and accomplishment, being in the Apple ecosystem is a must. As a result, Mastered for iTunes is a must-take stride for you. Mastered for iTunes (MFiT) follows a certain guideline and we, Nurtuan Records, can help you with this Apple’s recommended mastering practices. Whether it is the AAC format of iTunes or lossy compression of audio streaming, our highly-experienced engineers will help you with superior optimization at only $80 per song.

Lyrics Writing – Nurtuan Records can help you write amazing lyrics. Regardless of the category, we can help you find the right words for your melody or instrumental. All you have to do is provide us with your preferred style and genre in addition to the instrumental and leave the rest to our songwriters. With only $50, be rest assured we will provide you with striking and complementary lyrics for your music.

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