Normani Performs "Wild Side" | 2021 VMAs | MTV

Normani performs "Wild Side" at the 2021 VMAs. Check out more from the 2021 VMAs here: #VMAs #MTV #Normani Paramount+ is ...

43 thoughts on “Normani Performs "Wild Side" | 2021 VMAs | MTV

  1. This was a great performance!! But I think she may need a new camera free or something because I don’t think the effects in the beginning but as hard as they could have. There’s so many parts where they could have did the lighting differently and used more close up. Great job normani and her mic WAS on !! Bam

  2. So I keep coming back to watch and I find something new to admire every time. I slowed it down,sped it up, paused, rewind…. Everything was perfectly fine tuned, she is a master at what she does. She slayed the vocals the dancing while holding her microphone along with censoring herself without missing a beat. And I don't think people understand the energy of that choreography! Whew🤗 and major shout-out to the dancers cause they did what they came do!

  3. I 💙💙 how the black girls, no shade, came thru with vocals and performance. they killed it. let’s go Normani!!! like how she sound so good moving !!😍😍😍

  4. Love the song but its definetly lipped. There's no breath and on several occasions she moved her head from the mic yet we could hear a perfectly clear voice

  5. Better then camila and her whiney volcals v loving normani s diva control she can dance awesome i loved motivation love this tune to wishing you all best from rachel uk devon bideford xxx

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