Nicki Minaj & Megan Thee Stallion "BEEF" !!??

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37 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj & Megan Thee Stallion "BEEF" !!??

  1. Nicki don't like Megan
    Period. It was business with nicki n that's it.
    With Cardi She had a better personal friendship. And nicki got in her feelings.
    Nicki features ain't doing shtt anymore

  2. As a barz I like meghan and cardi both , they are both strong female artist black rappers. I understand meghan because the situation with Tory was different but well only they know what really happened between them

  3. Okay, Zach but let's ask "Why isn't Nicki doing the same 'unfollowing' to BIA?" Bia has claimed many times that she loves Cardi B. They've yet to work with each other but why hasn't Nicki "Really b*tch"ed her?

  4. So basically Megan is free to work with any artist she likes but not other artists who works with her? Yeah no wonder people are rubbing ppl the wrong way

  5. 🛑 I think Nicki and Meg helped eachother, because Nicki wasn't popping at that time, and Meg was just coming up in the game… and As far as Megan getting mad at DaBaby, I thought it was a lil petty but she said Tory acually hurt her!… But Cardi didn't do anything to Nicki when Nicki started hating on her, It looked like straight jealousy. (this was before the shoe throwing.)

  6. 💭 Nicki has been hating on Cardi and Meg… I think she's jealous of their success!… She has Karen Un-civil, TrashyK, and a lot of evil Garbs attacking people and slandering their name. 📍Meg is networking, Just like Nicki did when she came out., It's childish and foolish for Nicki to expect Meg to only work with who she likes. (She doesn't even have a good reason to dislike Cardi!)😏

  7. So Zach you forgot when Nicki threw the first shot in the song and said that "these chicks is looking thirsty no wonder they're alcoholics* talkin about Megan and then Meghan threw her shots in thot shit

  8. I really think that you are trying to be very diplomatic and kind of kissing up to Nicki because she's let you come back in her good graces because when you were honest the barbs were flaming you and she wasn't talking to you! However, she is dead wrong Megan does not owe her any loyalty when it comes to her career, her and Cardis beef was very Petty! Tory Lanez shot Megan, that is not the same thing! And just because she got Nicki side of the story first doesn't mean that Nicki was the true story was correct, because obviously she chose to believe and still hang around Cardi, she chose her side because Nicki was doing exactly what she always does she was being a hater who only wanted to be the top female only in this industry and was upset when Cardi came along! You can keep capping for her that's fine but I know the truth and so do you you're doing what you have to do to still please the barbs, and in a way I respect it and in another way I can't!

  9. I think that with this specific situation, Nicki is allowed to feel a type of way about Meghan collabing with Cardi. HOWEVER, Meghan is also allowed to feel a type of way about DaBaby collabing with Tory. Both of those situations are not at all comparable. Alleged physical assault compared to petty drama that took place YEARS ago now, it’s just not the same. Especially if Meghan had a personal connection with DaBaby. If Meghan and Tory just got into a petty argument and then parted ways because of that, then Meghan having feelings about his collabs would be hypocritical. But a line was allegedly crossed, which makes the situation different.

  10. I don’t like this that nicki and cardi drama is OLDDDD! Nicki wants people to worship at her feet for a feature but Meg was coming up so if both wanted to be on the song IM TAKING BOTH Igaf especially if I like both. I don’t feel like nicki should feel some type of way but hey I can’t speak for her

  11. Can I just say I love how intelligent and smart you are & the way you word your words and your pronunciation is just on point. I just had to say it god bless you man 🙏🏽

  12. Also, Nicki co-signed Beyoncé for Meghan which was her other big hit…so if she didn’t get that Nicki co-sign she wouldn’t have been in line for WAP. As for the Cardi, she allegedly threatened Nicki. I think the Tori thing is different because he actually shot her… allegedly. Nicki is 100 percent correct Meghan is a user, she will do whatever she has to do to try and leapfrog. Meghan has friends but is a friend to no one.

  13. The girls are just mad that Bia’s lil remix chart flopped. Bye. Miki Minach ain’t the gatekeeper to females rappers having a damn career and folks need to get over that.

    Artists do and can record songs together and won’t have even stepped into the studio together ONCE. You don’t have to be kiki best friends to make music together.

    She don’t ever “confirm” who tf she talking about in those lame lives. But she can harass and threaten Jennifer Hough. ITS TIRED SIS YOU’RE ALMOST 40!!!

  14. Nicholas DONT OWN NOBODY OR THEIR CAREERS!!! Catty ass drama ain’t got nothing to do with the bag. Miki was being a bully mean girl so she WAS the bad guy but that was 2 years ago. Drop that ish.

  15. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Megan doing a song with Cardi is NOT the same as Dabussy doing a song or bringing him on stage with Baldy Lanez who SHOT HER and against whom SHE HAD A RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST!!!! The barbz made that ish a thing for no reason other than Nicki sicking them on everybody at the drop of a dime.

  16. Ok Meg vs Tory is SOOOOOOO different from cardi vs nicki. Cardi and nicki weren’t shooting at each other! I don’t think megs a flip flopper bc she’s mad at da baby. Tory LITERALLY shot her

  17. That whole thing you said at 17:00 minute mark is the same thing we can say when we talk about why Cardi didn’t want Nicki to mention her name in MOTORSPORT…. But people aren’t ready for that convo…

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