OUR VIDEO ON KSI's CHANNEL - This absolute legend came up and did a couple of videos with us, literally the most humble, ...

32 thoughts on “NETTLE OLYMPICS ft. KSI

  1. Oi mate 5 years later I’ve just found this, I pissed myself that much I woke up my kids……
    Now my missus hates me….and I’m currently on the sofa……worth it 😂 please do this again bro!? Make a proper Olympic video 30min long 💯😉

  2. I watched this when I was 11 and I decided to recreate it and got on my bike road into a stupid amount of nettle I was in my boxers and after that i realised how much fun it is doing stupid shit although I couldn’t lay down for a few days I slept standing up and stayed in ice cold water for ages

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