Nestle Waters – Big and Controversial

Nestle is one of the largest food companies that exists today. A big portion of their business comes from the sales of bottled water. This video attempts to express ...

34 thoughts on “Nestle Waters – Big and Controversial

  1. Nesle steals water from Florida springs. They pay super cheap for it. Zypherhills is the brand. It’s very infuriating and I just hate nestle! It really is bad! They take our natural resources and sells it back to us for more!

  2. I think the "human right" thing needs to be made more clear. In America rights are from God and codified in the constitution, there are no rights to products or any natural resources to be given to you. For instance if you don't pay your water bill, water gets shut off. You obviously should have the right to collect your own water – but not to compel a company or municipality to provide you products and services. To claim something as a literal right would mean municipalities would legally have to give away all water for free.

  3. It is funny I pick up water from a Florida plant of theirs that makes Pure Life, Deer Park and Zephyrhills. All that distinguishes them is the mineral content.

    Obviously, water is very heavy so not all that much can be transported at once. The cost to transport it 500 miles can be over 25% of what they sell it for. It’s less water than you see lined up at Costco.

  4. Filtered water or bottled water isn't a human right.
    You walk to the river or stream or lake or well, that is public or you own, and get your water is within your rights.

    The guy was wrong, for sure, because you have a right to that which is yours and water may be yours.

  5. flint still doesnt have 100% safe drinking water in 2021. The Great Lakes arent so great. Theyre incredibly trashy with all the pollutants dumped in the water. Many beaches close in the summer due to E-Coli in the water.

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