Nestle – Bigger Than You Know

We all know Nestle for their chocolate but you may be surprised that they make much more than that. This, combined with the fact that they are one of the largest ...

40 thoughts on “Nestle – Bigger Than You Know

  1. What I already knew: Ok what I know nestle makes is Nutella the milk flavors like strawberry and chocolate I used to love them as a kid. Don’t they make Hershey’s? Idk man I just forgot

  2. i know, nestle chocolate morsels, nestle toll house mall food court places, nesquick, crunch, literally like 5+ other candy companies, human food and pet food, and i have no prior knowledge just hyper focusing on tiny details or getting curious about where things i see in stores are owned by

  3. List of brands I already know:
    Monarch Butterflies
    Blue butterflies
    You fishing for comments
    You trying to get people to comment to see if it makes your d hard if that’s why-
    And Black butterflies

  4. I already knew: Cornflakes, Nesquik, Chocapic, Cini Minis, Cheerios, Cappy (or was it Coca-Cola's? I know Nestlé owns some prominent juice), Nestea, Lion, KitKat, Crunchips, Purina, various ice cream.
    Edit: Forgot Nescafé and Tetley. And likely many more, the list is sooo long…

  5. I already know:
    Nestlé All-Purpose Cream
    Crunch bars
    Milky bar? Milky way? (I don't remember the name but I remember eating it when I was a kid)
    Nestlé milk
    Nestlé Milo
    Nido (formula milk)
    Bear Brand (formula milk)
    Chuckie (chocolate drink)
    Fitnesse (cereal)

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