My Most EPIC Minecraft Build! – The Underground Kingdom

I know a LOT of you are waiting for the follow up build to the Underground Kingdom, the Underwater Kingdom. I am currently working on building it, but in the ...

47 thoughts on “My Most EPIC Minecraft Build! – The Underground Kingdom

  1. When I clicked onto this video, I expected for it to be clickbait, but when I saw the whole process, I realized that some people are just extremely talented. Great job man, keep it up. 👍🏼

  2. I'ma be honest, I thought this was click bait at first but decided "ah, what the heck. worst case is I'm right" and all I can say after finishing the video is "holy shit."

    this is beyond impressive

  3. This is, EXTREMELY detailed and I truly believe this is your best piece of work by far dude. You are out here working so super hard. While im over in my MC server struggling to build a hald decent Avatar The Last Airbender Fire Nation Temple. I wish I had your amazing skills. Keep it up 🙂

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