My FINAL Super Smash Bros Ultimate Speculation Video – PapaGenos

This is it. My LAST Super Smash Bros Ultimate Speculation video before we get challenger pack 11, the FINAL DLC character, revealed on October 5th!

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  1. A Chrono Trigger character is all I want to see. Voted greatest game of the Heisei Era in Japan (i.e. the last 30 years), it was exclusive to the SNES for several years, and Sakurai is supposedly a fan of the game. There is no other game or franchise not currently in Ultimate that deserves it more, in my opinion.

  2. Unreal smash characters finish today. I have been wanting Shadow playable since 2007, so I’ll always be disappointed the ultimate life form was not playable in smash ultimate.

    Thank you for all the fun hours of speculation and videos. They were always something that helped me as I worked throughout college, and now continue to work after college.

    I’d love your idea for a smash ultimate deluxe with more characters and a su space emissary story mode in a year or whenever. I feel smash is now too far along, and it would be better to add on to smash ultimate. No point in starting over.

    Hope the last fighter is epic. Really curious if waluigi will get in after all the demand. I could see him getting in even if he’s not the final fighter but a bonus.

    Smash is the best game ever. Thank you Sakurai

  3. Sakurai used a plural when describing the final character. I don't think it'll be Sora, I reckon it'll be like Steve where we have multiple characters (Steve, Alex) for the one DLC slot

  4. Whoever it is….. Just please don't let it be another pointless sword fighter or worthless JRPG I do not care about.

    Please let it be someone like Crash, Rayman, Earthworm Jim, Dixie Kong, Bandanna Waddle Dee, Krystal From Star Fox, etc…..

    That's All I really ask.

    Plus….. They should in 5 years from now announce a port of Ultimate with every DLC included.

    Plus More Old Single Player Modes, Netcode Rollback, And an actual real story mode that's nothing like World Of Light.

    That's all I ask for really.

    Thanks for reading this and Have a nice life Papa Geno.

  5. There's gonna be void in I, and I'm sure, all of the people that watch these's hearts after this. Smash introduced me to the FGC, and, along with other things, helped me branch to other FGC communities. I don't play Smash nearly as much as I used to, but it's always there. It was always a way to connect with friends about upcoming DLCs or online natch stories, or anything really. Without Smash DLC to look towards, I don't really know what to look forward too. Sure, I have DLC and news for other fighting games, but Smash just always had so much weight to it. It just won't be the same…

  6. Just to comment on that Japanese tweet… 弾 (the "bullet" translation) is a counter added to numbers that means "installment". It's referring to the 11 slots or installments of the DLC.

  7. Hey Papa, thanks for a great THREE years of speculation. You’re an amazing YouTuber, I’m very glad I stumbled onto your channel in 2018, with what I can only remember as the Grinch leak frenzy and everything that came after. Thank you so much for the work you’ve put into smash speculation. Can’t wait to see the future of the channel. <3

  8. I definitely wouldn't consider Jonesy being an objectively good choice, despite Fortnite being popular, especially with the drama between Apple and Fortnite right now. That may pollute Smash at the end more than anything. I want Crash, but I will still be hype for Sora, Master Chief, or Doom Guy. I am going in ready to be disappointed though.

    This is truly the end of an era. I've been watching you since the beginning of your speculation with Smash Ultimate and it's been a blast PapaGenos! You are more thorough and exhaustive with speculation than anyone else out there. Continuing doing what you do! I'll always stick around for the future of this channel's speculation videos for almost any game you ever end up wanting to talk about. I definitely hope your channel continues to grow and you reach 50k soon!

    On a side note, wouldn't it be absolutely insane if Sakurai announced a third fighter's pass at the end of all this but that he's taking a two year break first? Like, "Oh yeah, the third fighter's pass is coming, but it'll be two years from now, let me rest a bit." I'd be shocked. I doubt it'll happen, but I can have a sliver of hope. As far as the future of Smash goes, what do you think is more likely or lucrative for Nintendo to do?

    – Continue to update Smash Ultimate, even if it's years from now and/or continue to port it to future consoles with all characters, updates, etc.?
    – End Ultimate here, but start a new, if less impressive, Smash game maybe 5-6 years from now after Ultimate has "died" out so to speak?

    I'm not sure which is more likely. I feel like the first option makes way more sense because no other Smash game will ever compare or be as good as Ultimate, but the licensing nightmare of trying to get the game ported to different future consoles may prove challenging – too challenging, in fact, to warrant ever doing it. I could be wrong though. I'm not too well-versed in the process or legality of simply porting an existing game that is already licensed to a new console. Would the licenses have to be renewed or reinstated since it's on a new console even if the game is essentially the same or would it not matter? Even then, they could continue to update the Switch version with more content down the line, even if that was years from now. I see nothing stopping them from doing that. They could even make a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Deluxe that includes all of the fighters and Mii Fighter Costumes in one pack for maybe $80 or something to incentivize people who don't have it yet to buy it or to buy it down the the line if they ever released a "deluxe" version of the game or something.

    Regarding the second option, I feel like Ultimate could be capped off and we just not get any Smash stuff for the next 5-6 years. Sakurai could retire and we could get a new Smash director with a new game. I think if they took 5-6 years off from Smash and we got NOTHING for it at all, then the level of hype for Ultimate may have died down by that point and people would be open to seeing a new Smash game. That being said, I do think some people will still be more focused on Ultimate and question the idea of a new Smash game or compare it with Ultimate in such a way that may be negative. What I mean is that Smash Ultimate is so huge, so iconic, so masterfully crafted, and so lovingly dedicated to the joy and fun of franchises and gaming as a whole that no other Smash game will ever compare to it, thus leading to people always comparing any future Smash game with it and thinking that if the new Smash game isn't similar to Ultimate, it won't be good. I think we could get other Smash games in the future, no doubt, but people will inevitably compare the future Smash game(s) with Ultimate because of the iconic mark Ultimate has left on the gaming industry, thus the future Smash games may not feel as hype, as loved, or sell as well. Sakurai himself has said that making a game like Ultimate again would be a near impossibility. Of course, this doesn't mean we could never get a, Smash Ultimate 2 for example, but I doubt it.

    It's a mixed bag of emotions. I'm happy to see what comes of this presentation and I know that I had a fun ride throughout the years with this game and I play it regularly to this day. Sakurai has created a masterpiece; his magnum opus and it does not go unnoticed. I don't expect to see any major new thing for Smash, be it Ultimate, or a new game, for at least 5-6 years from now. So, with that being said, if we don't get a third fighter's pass announced in the presentation, it's been fun PapaGenos! I look forward to seeing what the future of Smash holds for you and for the rest of the community in the years to come. Let us just wait and see and look toward 2026, haha!

  9. I really enjoyed this video, I’m glad you did more research on the Sora leak and other theories. Honestly I am rooting for Sora as firstly I am a huge KH fan and secondly I think his potential DLC could be packed with so much good content. We’ll have to wait and see but I’m just really hoping it’s him, even if it’s not though I’m excited to see everything that will be revealed tomorrow!

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