MTV VMAs: Chloe x Halle REACT to Chloe's 'Have Mercy' Performance (Exclusive)

Chloe and Halle Bailey are on Cloud 9 after the 23-year-old singer's debut performance as a solo artist during the 2021 MTV VMAs. The sisters are clearly full of ...

40 thoughts on “MTV VMAs: Chloe x Halle REACT to Chloe's 'Have Mercy' Performance (Exclusive)

  1. Chloe and Halle don’t have to worry . they better know the black community especially – we got them !!!!! we not gona let not 1 sister fall off . whenever Halle decide to work on her SOLO project (without Disney) ima support 1000% . Love my black young sisters! talent is in their blood

  2. The twin telepathy thing I think it’s there meaning complements from her sister being there is honestly saying when I’m nervous so is she when I’m on stage she is with me and when she preforms I’ll be with her we are twins we do different things but understand what each other feels!! Her grabbing her sister and complementing her sister is like they never did anything without each other spiritually! Support from each other is everything they prayed for when they had to spilt up for careers is my guess and they are doing amazing !!!

  3. Chloe wanted to make sure that her sister Halle got recognition. She grabbed her hand and said "get over here". Halle was being quiet and wanted her sister to relish and enjoy the moment, but Chloe made sure her sister also got recognition. They're both talented and I LOVE their UNBREAKABLE BOND. No matter how much society tries to make a difference between them, they will always love one another and be proud of each other. Chloe responded back saying "and so is my sister", I love that so much.

  4. Sadly you can watch as Satan is devouring these young girls souls right before your eyes and many of you cheer it on. The ONLY way out is through Jesus Christ. In order to see a world so corrupted by evil there must also be the complete opposite which is the truth.

  5. I see their game. Chloe getting all the attention now but when Little Mermiad come out Halle will have all the attention. Then they both will have the attention again lol

  6. I pray they come back to God before its too late.
    Hollyweird has a way of luring Gods children to the gripa of darkness. Anyone can tell you, a high doesnt last forever. You have to come down sometime.
    Pray for our lost brothers amd sisters. The desire of Jesus is that NONE should perish

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