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Some time back, I visited an aquarium and came across a lonely jellyfish swimming elegantly in a tiny tank. I read the informational label, and it said: “The jellyfish has no brain, no spine and no blood.” Hm… How can a brainless and spineless creature move about, sense danger and catch its prey? I went home and checked it up. Apparently, it has some sort of “nerve net” that senses environmental stimuli. But still, it has no brain?

As I watched it moving about seemingly purposefully, its tentacles catching plankton and other microscopic microorganisms (yet somehow did not tangle together), one could not help but wonder that how much more fascinating Earth truly is, compared to what our rudimentary human senses can detect.

Once again, our planet and all life that it encompasses amaze me. When we are often only focused on our daily grind and its frustrations, it is easy to forget how fascinating life can be, and to take for granted all there is. When we have to constantly worry about bills, jobs, mortgages, health, marriages, children… It is no wonder that most of us eventually lead our lives as though it is nothing but a chore to be done with. See how easy it is to shift from marveling at life to condemning it? That’s why we need motivation.

I love this quote from Zig Ziglar: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” I used to get all psyched up after reading a motivational guide, but soon enough, I realized that the buzz didn’t last, sometimes not even a day. Not before long, I would be back onto my down-winding spiral of negativity and zombified life.

Over the years, I have learnt that daily motivation does not mean having to read something inspirational every day, but rather, to learn to live each day and moment consciously.

To be aware that all we ever truly have, is this very moment — the Now; that we do not live in the past, much less the future; that who we are is not defined by our past experiences or the future expectations, but who we want to be Now; that we have the choice to consciously choose how we want to spend every moment of our current lives on this planet.

Our time on Earth may be finite; but our motivation to lead a fuller life should not be.

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