Mother's Day Gift Guide | Gift Ideas for Her | MsGoldgirl

Mother's Day Gift Guide | Gift Ideas for Her | MsGoldgirl

Here are my top 10 gift ideas for Mother’s Day, really any holiday for a special woman in your life-birthday, holidays, etc. TOP 10 …


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Written by Marnie Goldberg

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  1. Great ideas Marnie!!! I will be sending some of these ideas to my daughter. The best gift that she could give me is a surprise visit home from college. That's what I truly want. LOL I love your shirt btw. Your makeup looks beautiful. I love all the pink tones. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!! All the Best. 🥰

  2. My Mom is no longer living. 😥 Every year for Mother's Day, she & I would get our pre summer pedicures & then go buy a Ton of annuals to pot up. Mother's Day is usually our last frost date here in zone 4b. Side Note… I'm Lucky if my kids send me a text or wish me Happy Mother's Day on Facebook! My daughter is Pregnant with #2 & My Daughter in law are usually doing things with their families for Mother's Day!😘

  3. The rose in a box, Venus Et Fleur, are one of the best gifts I have even given. The roses usually continue to be fragrant for an entire year! They have multiple colors to choose from. I have given the single rose for a mom who lost her son, for a friend who was going through a rough time, a friend who went thru a major kitchen remodel, college graduation for my daughter and her roommates, birthdays, and the list goes on. A real easy gift to order and have sent to someone special.

  4. As mother’s love gifts 🎁 like handbags and flowers 💐 and such , but when my mother died I found numerous of letters hand written from my sisters and myself, actually they move your heart beyond the handbag 👜. But I bought treasure of Gold before and flowers 💐 but my mother always loved my brunch in bed with Hot coffee and warm French toast and fresh fruit and her morning paper, my hand written letter ,. But you have the best ideas for Mother’s Day this year , love that pink rose color top .

  5. Just a comment on the Colleen hair travel kit…it’s incredible even for curl/wavy hair! I have used all sorts of curly girl treatments, and this is by far the best combo of products. I leave the hair mask in as a leave-in conditioner. I will be so happy when I can get full size ones!

  6. Great video! I have really been wanting the MZ Metro Small backpack, but now you’ve added another one to my wish list! I feel like all of my bags that size are not my favorite, yet I seem to have to use them all the time..(concerts, football games, like you said). It would be nice to actually love the bag that seems to be becoming a necessary bag in my wardrobe.

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