Most Problematic Brands in the World: environmental destruction, lying, and more

These brands have been involved in many scandals throughout the years and continue to contribute to environmental description as well as the suffering of ...

30 thoughts on “Most Problematic Brands in the World: environmental destruction, lying, and more

  1. Do we speak about bayer or is it too obvious? How some company can invent aspirin and then participate in the chemical weapons of first world war and then be the inventor of the killing gaz used for the Shoah (it's initially a pesticide! ) and now casually buy Monsanto, keeping the name bayer because it's cleaner than Monsanto…

  2. I believe Nestle also source cocoa for their chocolate products from farms that use child labour. They were named in a really harrowing article about child labour in cocoa production in National Geographic a couple of years ago, so I checked the Nestle website and they fully admit that this is a problem and that they cannot trace their cocoa back to the source

  3. super informative video, i had no idea about how much unilever owned and it's so disgusting how much these companies get away with and yet they own so much it really difficult to completely boycott any of them. thanks for including advice on things we can do even and i liked the soup metaphor 🙂

  4. I consider myself an environmentalist for since I can remember. I do have a different view on this since a short while BECAUSE these companies that you name aren't run by a couple of people pulling the strings (although we always envision a big table full of creepy guys in grey suits who love doing anything for the cash and I am sure this is partly true). These are all shareholding companies, so it is actually everybody who is holding shares that are to blame. The CEOs are just doing what they are told to do, which is to make a profit. Every year, there is a meeting where they set the goal for upcoming years and if nobody complains, they'll continue to do what they've been told to do, whether we like it or not. So what's the solution to all of this? I heard about this guy called Mark van Baal who turned into a shell shareholder to fight climate change. His idea seems so simple yet nobody has thought of it. If you have a share, you are part-owner of the company, and your voice counts….a tiny tiny bit…yet when you get together with many, you can actually get so powerful that you can change the agenda of the company. It is like placing a trojan horse in the company and literally can't do ANYTHING about it. Forget all demonstrations, online petitions, and what not, THIS is powerful stuff. He actually made Shell promise to stick to the climate agreement which was never going to happen and why should they. All the shareholders wanted was profit. 99% don't care how they do it. If they do not like the company they don't buy their shares… but many who don't like the company still drive a car right? So if you buy their product, why not have a share of their company? And why not make sure they are the company you would like them to be? I find this thought truly amazing. Please google Mark van Baal and enjoy.

  5. THANK YOU. Everyone remember to hit the "LIKE BUTTON" so this video gets more views. Before Aime is sued, and it's taken down, LOL. Don't forget who owns the You2ube….

  6. I totally agree, it's so frustrating that companies get away with so much by paying a small fee compared to the profit they made🙄🤬🤯 Subscribed to Kristen Leo, can't believe I hadn't heard of her!! Love to hear you expose these corps, and explain/provide practical solutions👏 Such a good video!🌿

  7. Love this!!! So important to be educating people on consumer brands!!
    I’m wondering if you could do a video on the impact of landfills? I think it’s superrr important for people & companies to understand their own waste/consumer choices and the post-consumer impact. The book Zero Waste Lifestyle by Amy Korst has changed my mind on my habits with her first chapter on landfills.

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