Most Powerful Corporations in the World?

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21 thoughts on “Most Powerful Corporations in the World?

  1. One company that is often overlooked is the Dutch company ASML it porduces 90% of the worlds computer chip producing machines in the world and has a monopoly on more complex stuff for for example military grade computer chip manufacturing machines. If ASML would for example say oh were not going to make these machines anymore all chipporduction would collapse, scary to think about.

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  3. and yet not one, not one of these so called "all powerful corporations" has the power to make even one law. sorry but your hatred of business is irrational. all laws are made by elected people. they and they alone pass the laws which make a mockery of the very idea of freedom. but if it makes you feel better, you go ahead and blame it on business. be my guest, idiots.

  4. I just watched a south park episode and it made me think; how can we end corporations overrunning small businesses?
    I thought of this solution. Every company should have a raduis where a person can reasonably walk to or drive to, this radius will apply for every industry, if the locals overwhelmingly give negative feedback about the company, another Buisness in the same industry should be able to open shop, every state/ region should have a limited amount of franchises available, this isnt the best solution as theres the question of existing radiuses conflicting and I don't really know much about the economy since I haven't been taught about it in school, all I know is that this seems plausible, if an expert can correct me It would be appreciated.

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