Most Popular Song Each Month in the 60s

Most Popular Song Each Month in the 60s

In this video, you’ll see the most popular songs throughout each month in the 60s. The tunes selected for this video are the ones …


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  1. I feel lucky. Even though I was still in the crib when a lot of this music came out, my mother gave me her records to pay at a young age. So while other kids were listening to kiddy music, I was listening to early 60's and at 5 years old know the lyrics to most of these songs. Brings back great memories.

  2. How were the doors not on here ? Like some of these artists made like a couple of good hits and that was it. This comment Might make it seem like a huge doors fan but I’m not it’s just like shocking to see they didn’t make it on here especially because they were pretty damn popular. Some of these artists that actually made them popular for a month were actually not that great. Damn Shame

  3. Running bear & teen angel & put you seet lips a little closer to the phone & stuck on you & Kathy's clown & im sorry & everybody's fool & its now or never & last dance & will you still love me tomorrow & wooden heart & blue moon & my little runaway & run a round sue & hey baby & inlybfools fall in love & good luck charm & roses are red & locomotion & return to sender & I will follow him & its my party & your the devil in disguise & blue velvet & sugar shack & rag doll & the house of the rising sun & pretty woman & baby love & mr lonely & eight days a week & down town & she's got a ticket to ride & babe & please help me & we can work it out & boots are made for walking & I'll be there & good vibration's & Green Green grass of home & im a believer & day dream believer & honey & mony mony & harper valley p.t. a & grapevine & life goes on & dizzy & Massachusetts & bad moon rising & sugar & suspicious minds

  4. Immortal songs from the 60's
    theme from a summer's place.
    i'm sorry.
    save the last dance for me.
    will you still love me tomorrow.
    hit the road jack.
    i cant stop loving you.

    a hard days night
    good vibrations.
    a whiter shade of pale.
    mrs robinson.


  5. Wow. The greatest era of Rock-n-roll. It's lasted for 70 years and still going. Call it's variations what you will. World peace is a topic that is much touted in R+R but just because you want it to happen does not mean it will. It does not mean just saying or wish it will make it happen. World peace will not happen by feeling. Pragmatizm is the key word. Understanding any problem is the first step in it's solution if there even is one. Who knows. World peace may not even be a good thing if it creates stagnation but all problems need to be studied and only with truth about the problem will we possibly come up with a solution. No mater what the problem is. This world we live in does not except truth, facts and logic so how can any of our problems be solved. How can we make progress if we do not know where we are starting from?

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