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Most Dangerous Airports In The World
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  1. I’m Sherpa from the area where Lukla airport is , this is totally misleading information. This airport was established back 1968 and serving since then but there is alway air traffic control and security. There is another airport down below the hill Phaplu airport which is another alternate and less weather condition to go to Mr. Everest so Lukla is not only option ??

  2. Lukla is safer than Tribhuwan International Airport of Kathmandu . TIA must be the most unsafe major Airport in the world with heavy traffic . Around 130000 planes a year in 3050m long runway . Taxiway is very close to the runway and has length only one half of the runway . All Domestic , International and military flights takes place through same runway .

  3. 3:30 theres just "1 stoplight" whats that on the left? doesn't it go down.
    I've been at Gibralter Airprot MANY TIMES, infact every saturday. I live 5 mins away from here I know whats going on.
    Also if anyone decides to crash through the barriers, there are spike traps layed on the floor by police before a take off or a landing so cars cannot drive into the runway

  4. McMurdo (Antarctica) is nearly ice/snow free during their summer, there are real roads that real cars drive on between McMurdo and Scott Base. It's not dark most of the summer. Antarctica constistently has 40,000 visitors per year and a permanent population of around 5000.

  5. Ive been to St maarten airport and the island many many times and the airport beach is a very popular tourist spot. Getting blown by the jets and blasted with sand is actually a pretty fun thing and not really as dangerous and scary as people make it seem. Although when people hang on the fence and get blown off and face plant into the road, well thats just them being stupid

  6. 2:24 That's not true at all. Princess Juliana International has actually become quite a tourist attraction for thrill seekers like me. The first time I visited Saint Martin was just to be at that beach with aircraft flying by less than 10 feet above my head. Now I've been back to Saint Martin more than 10 times in the past 7 years. There is no other airport on this planet where you will get this close and personal with planes. So no, Princess Juliana International Airport doesn't cause problems for anyone on the beach. We, the people, actually love it and hope that no health and safety pencil pushers is going to step in and deem it dangerous and put all this fun to an end.

  7. Dallas Love Field (DAL) if I remember correctly the longer of 2 runways is 7500 ft. Yes 747's have operated out of there before DFW broke ground. Before they learned the -100 s could nose up 45 and climb like homesick angels they regularly cleared a bowling alleys restaurant by 80 ft to the north and to the south rocked over on wing tips to turn away from downtown Dallas. At DFW I Have seen 747's clear control tower altitude and nose up 45 to 60 halfway down runway, I believe this one is 15000 ft.

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