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Monty Don Real Gardens episode 1

Monty Don Real Gardens episode 1 Last gardening post on …



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  1. It's fortunate your local authority allowed you to take that tree down. In Canada, where I live, there are so few trees that one needs to pay for a permit to take down a tree, if it is approved. Then you have to pay to have another tree planted somewhere else.

  2. Ok instant fail when giant trees are being pulled down in the first 30 seconds. Not watching. Not subscribing. Removed from recommended list. Bye bye

  3. I am in Penticton British Columbia Canada and our Foodbank needs the community to grow, harvest and store 90 k pounds of potatoes, carrots, cabbage, squash, onions … we are hoping to collaborate with 20 other communities and their college or university so we can learn together — would love any advice — [email protected]

  4. Thankfully, we now know that no-dig gardening is all about understanding soil as a living community, not disturbing it, feeding it…alas, most of the micro-life isn't visible to the naked eye (and therefore, misunderstood.) Living soil is also a carbon sink. This series is dated. Newer ideas about natural systems are not considered but I suppose it's valuable for triggering some critical thinking about our position in the web of life on earth.

  5. My hands are very strong but I am always happy that I grow flowers & fruits that people buy
    and better Us all.
    Thank to you all Gardeners who educate Us from YouTube Media
    We Love you Tips & teachings

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