MONOPOLY – Who owns the world?

A documentary by Tim Gielen 2021. This brilliant documentary by Tim Gielen reveals how a small group of super rich criminals have been buying virtually ...

23 thoughts on “MONOPOLY – Who owns the world?

  1. The collective mind is wrapping itself around this information. Soon the collective mind will realize that the solution we’ve been given to the equation of life has been wrong all along. Once we see the true solution, once our understanding is corrected, the old knowing of the wrong answer will no longer serve us and will be dispelled. Forgotten. Unadopted. And collectively we will restructure this world from the electron up into the mutual paradise it’s meant to be. Realize your true power

  2. It would be fantastic and amazing if humans can learn how to behave and live on earth in sustainable and peaceful ways without the fear and mistrust that motivates us to manufacture and build weapons that can kill most of us along with most other life on earth. I am not really sure how humans can be taught these things or if they are even capable of learning them but I do not think trying to seek power and glory by creating and being members of elite world organizations is the way of learning it. I am not even sure if it is even possible to create an authority like a “World Order” that can govern and control the lives of everyone on the planet.

  3. The New World Order is impossible, according to for instance renowned political scientists like John Mearsheimer. He explains how the only way to transcend the structural anarchy of the world would be a world governemnt, which is impossible.

    However, you are attacking all the huge corporations, all of which benefits from tax cuts and capitalism. I mean, they are basically products of a system like the American one. This means that you, if you believe in this video, are closer to communism than people like Gates or Soros, who are ultracapitalists.

  4. The elite knew they wouldn't be able to hide as easily in the age of information. They planned an artificial collapse of society so that they can appear as the saviors who will rebuild. Of course, the new system will be nothing but a high tech genocidal police state.

  5. At the end of the video it would have been nice if we could all together the human race would see the possibility of exploring other planets all together. Living together with one another looking forward on the possibility of traveling to other planets

  6. It's very simple to sum this up…it's a biblical world we live in…its the way of the world…which is no doubt a reason God says u r in this world but not to be a part of it…it oppresses the poor…Jesus tells us not worry about what we eat or wear. The world is obsessed with food and fashion…I want I want and want…let's not worry about any of it…we look forward to the new world that God will make once He gets rid of the unrighteousness on this present earth…that day is coming sooner than we think…and I look forward to it and can't wait…so change your mind in your unbelief in God and believe He sent Christ who died and was raised back to life…very simple…then truly your eyes will be opened and u will c exactly how it is…without worry and peace…some thing this world cannot offer…blessings in Christ…

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