Money Won't Be Worth the Paper It's Printed On: Bailouts, Oil & Gold

Money Won’t Be Worth the Paper It’s Printed On: Bailouts, Oil & Gold

After yesterday’s historic oil price collapse, Luke and Tim get into why the exact opposite of what happened with oil yesterday could happen with gold in the near future.

With all of the added bailouts and stimulus, it’s not a question of if but when money won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on.

Are you abreast of all of the recent financial developments and how to stay above water on a sinking ship? Fear not! Just watch or listen in to Change The News.

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  1. Hoard current coin and copper. It is what the paper represents, and we have been on a copper / nickel standard since 1964. Copper has likely been money even before silver and gold. They can't control us to a great extent if we have our own money system based on real and there is enough of it function as an economy, which there isn't with just gold and silver.

  2. Problem is indeed DELIVERING, you don't want oil that these criminals WILL deliver, you want gold that these criminals WILL NOT deliver. The whole thing is a huge scam. Even the stocks you buy are not really yours, look it up. If you want to buy something, buy physical, paper is worthless, a fuckin scam, a S C A M !

  3. Lol I was short from from 40 to 27. But I've got some property now I wouldn't mind buying and taking delivery. I like my precious metals tho. If the prise of gas and actual oil not crude oil but refined oil drops like it should it wouldn't be a bad idea because when inflation kicks in it won't be a bad idea I also love to restore and build classic muscle car's. When engines have a lot of Horsepower mpg drops some of my car's get less then 9 mpg when I'm not racing but I wouldn't mind taking my kid's down to Moab or Zions National Park comfortably in a 71 Cadillac type 75. It's basically a limo if you Google the car mine is the white one I believe it's the third picture if you look it up. Anyway it's basically the ultimate Land Yacht๐Ÿ˜Š it's by far the cheapest car I have I just wanted it

  4. All over the world things are the same.South Africa has 450 billion power debt and now 500 billion covid bail out [rand]. USA on the other hand has 500 billion dollar bail out AND helping African countries –heaven knows where the money comes from when the USA can't save themselves – I call bullshit on this lot. Gotta watch those printing machines –might just seize after all this printing —Oh geez I forgot the elites will get a poor tradesman to fix it –so they can screw him again

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