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  1. Science Project.

    This is a study on why people cannot grasp the concept to teach common sense on planet earth, And to teach common Sense we need to ground everybody on truth and discredit the lies that people believe in, because it's not common sense to believe in a lie and it's not hate or disrespect to bring  understanding to make everyone see the truth but it's more disrespectful to deceive somebody or allow those people to live in deception, even if revealing a hard truth will have a serious effect on their emotions. The first lie we have in this world that science can discredit is the LGBTQ, now keep it simple, because the 1st piece of evidence we have is that humans only reproduce one way and that ensures human survival and it doesn't matter if some individuals have an unbalanced with their hormones or other unbalances or birth defects, it does not go against our grounded instinct to survive with the need for male/female to reproduce so there is no intelligent reason to go against nature and claim that you are correct, because you cannot place a 100 lesbians on the planet Mars and expect them to survive more than 100 years without the male counterpart. Because you're going against the bigger truth of the universe and love is love is not going to save them. those body parts are used for reproduction and to get rid of human waste, so there is no intelligent reason to abuse it just for their emotions and feelings, it leads to many negative situations with heartbreaks rape, domestics, abortions..and they justify their beliefs with emotions, and emotions cannot bring no intelligence to the table to discredit that is not against nature yet they are "proud" about believing in a lie and parading around about it??  To be proud about believing in a lie is not intelligent nor something to be proud about. It's a serious problem when humans believe in a lie on that level because common sense becomes more evasive,and 'love is love' does not discredit science and a transgender is a lie that DNA can discredit, and yet they still decided to use love as love to justify their ignorance and the psychiatrist and counselors or any doctor cannot give an intelligent answer if you ask them, if a man decides to wear a dress and act like a woman they would tell him that it's okay to believe in that lie even though DNA can discredit his belief. but unfortunately people decided to bend the definition of science for the liking of people and named them transgenders. But everybody knows it's physically impossible for one gender to transform into the other gender and make up and a dress does not define a female. And it is not intelligent to point out the actions of animals and use that as a excuse to abuse sex act like one. We have intelligence for a reason but the LGBTQ likes to hang up rainbow flags to mock intelligence and the people they hated for not accepting a lie. it's the reason why this continues to be a problem in our world today is because the LGBTQ attacks others for seeing the truth in the lies that they believe in with a lie, homophobic and transphobic. And that is a serious problem when they label you a lie for not believing in their lie, and no matter how you argue we can never get to the next level of intelligence when people believe in things that are not intelligent and defend things that are not intelligent, they hated against Christians Liberty to believed in the truth because they did not want to believe in their lies and they became a hate group against people who believed in the truth and against Christians. And you cannot suppress a group of liberties with another group of liberties in this country.  but this is not fear or hate, how could it be fear or hate for seeing the truth for what it is? And it's not right to attack people who see the truth, this is about respecting intelligence and defending intelligence because defending a lie only opens the door for you to be discredited. And you cannot have equality when a group of people's beliefs(lies) are forced on people who believe in the truth. And the results of this science project is going to be intelliphobia. Because people are going to become intelliphobic and hate or fear this truth. And that is not intelligent but many will be infused with their emotions and they will allow their own emotions to do their thinking for them, yet they cannot bring any intelligence to the table and discredit what I said  but instead get mad and hold on to that anger and their emotions and go out of the way trying to justify their beliefs with no intelligence to discredit what I said or to prove what they believe in is true. This is proof how emotions can be a very destructive in the way emotions control how people think. 

    Note, keep it simple and do not let the emotions of a group of people overshadow the bigger picture, because humans can never get to the next level of intelligence when they are proud about believing in a lie.

       And The government and educational system has a responsibility to the people to stand by this truth and not allow people to be left in deception, and the department of education has a bigger Responsibility of teaching the kids the TRUTH and not telling them that it's okay to believe in a lie (lgbtq). Or be labeled a lie if they don't believe in it, that is not intelligent. And people can believe and do what they want to do but they have no right using the education system and the government to deceive others. And people will never know who they truly can be if they allow their emotions 'something that those common sense out the window' to define who they are. And they downgrade the intelligence of everybody when they label people a lie, homophobic, transphobic, for not believing in a lie.  And if the truth is revealed at a younger age they will not become infused with that belief and end up acting out in a non intelligent way that opens the door for a negative situation to happen, unless they can think above their emotions.  Keep it simple. Truth is truth.

                     Book of Romans

                    Chapter 1 vs 18-31

    IF evolution was true(but it's not)… then the next step would begin on how we think. 

    Because to create a bird that can fly there has to be an intelligent design behind that bird for it to be able to take to the air and be light enough to escape Earth's gravity. That doesn't just happen from cells dividing themselves there's an intelligent design behind every creature in this world.  Keep it simple..

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  3. These are my concerns: Liteform ICF – foam is a good nesting material for insects, both above and below ground, probably not a problem if coated on the exterior with a material that is compatible with the foam and won't destroy. Foam on the inside off-gasses in a fire and should be covered with another material to allow time to escape the building. Be careful. Excellent immediate insulation and forming properties, but probably not as good long-term or for your health. Polylevel – good when it goes in, but insect nesting plus possible shrinkage over time would be a concern? How long will it stay level over time? Electric snow melting system – what's the cost to run this, and how long is needed – is this really affordable? Porotherm – The thick bricks allowing insulation sound awesome, but bricks are typically air and water permeable more than most people realize – what are the properties when wet, and will it dry properly or degrade over time, will it handle a freeze thaw cycle? I was reading that it needs to be coated on the outside, so there is more to installation than shown in the video. And probably not good for earthquake or flood areas? I'd like to know more about this – insulation values, permeability, etc. Loving the opportunity to see materials used throughout the world, thanks.

  4. Your videos are awesome, however, your commentator is not. Can't you find somebody that can talk like an adult? The guy you're using now sounds like a 4th grade teacher trying to convince his students to believe whatever he says. I can't watch any of your videos to the end. His voice and the way he talks is sickening!

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