Metroid Dread Impressions And The Future Of Smash Bros Discussion | Podcast #188

For tonight's discussion we are going to discuss Sora being the final reveal for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and where this leaves the future of the series.

8 thoughts on “Metroid Dread Impressions And The Future Of Smash Bros Discussion | Podcast #188

  1. I want smash to do 2 things.

    1) I want smash bros to try to be an arena fighter. I want it to be king of the hill and players are fighting over moving platforms and if you stand on the platform the longest you win. Arena fighters always have an issue with spacing out the fight and how to prevent players from getting a stock up and then just running away. If any company can fix this genre it's Nintendo.

    2) I want the traditional fighting of smash bros to continue but with none of the smash characters we have now. I want Nintendo to work with Comic and Manga characters and have all these properties work together. Have Batman vs Spiderman vs Deku vs Deadpool. Have the roster be smaller and more focused. Have them get DC and work on this franchise for 6-7 year and then after that have Smahs bros roster vs these comic and manage characters. But I do think we need a break from this Smash Bros roster for a few years at least from the style of Play we have had for years

  2. Excited to listen to your thoughts on Metroid dread on my travels. Keep up the great work. Ohh and Metroid dread is my goty hands down, it’s not even close 😎😎😎

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