Meg Comes for Kodak Black & His Homie Comes for Her Neck

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26 thoughts on “Meg Comes for Kodak Black & His Homie Comes for Her Neck

  1. It's a joke 😅 It's not that crucial he not fucking his mom even she looks like she having fun joking around with her son I agree with both It's crazy and weird like wtf but it's still a joke and the world need to understand Kodak Black just a wild hood nigga with money who gives no fucks

  2. That's Yo People Like The Man Said…I Need To Be On One Of These Shows A Real Life As Person….Not No Paid talk…Id Take Your Pradas Off You Face WHITE Boy…..and I Love white men just some not them all I Pick and Choose….Yee!!! I'm a fucked up lost child I will fuck you up you don't know…This Set It Off….I only Hate Race…smh and everyone is due their opinions and respect…So im a say this I do not agree with your opinions and fuck respect in this …you need to run a live video discussion and take callers call me in……

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