Meet The Mole People Living Beneath the Las Vegas Strip

I went underground to learn about the community of homeless people who live in sewer tunnels beneath the Las Vegas strip. Donate to the Shine A Light ...

37 thoughts on “Meet The Mole People Living Beneath the Las Vegas Strip

  1. When I lived in Vegas I always wondered what that smell was late night when I would leave from gambling. Clubs wouldn't close until 6 am ,that would be when you really smell it lol yikes smh.

  2. Well, first off the tunnels are for flood control, not sewage. Telling people on YouTube it's sewer tunnels is so incorrect. When it rains in Las Vegas there is a huge chance that the streets will get washed out. It had happened several times in the past. So the state of Nevada got hundreds of millions from the Federal Government to build a tunnel system to guide the run off out of the city. Hence, the flood tunnels. Also, sewage has to be treated before it's allowed to flow to lake Mead. It's totally illegal to let sewage just run to a public lake. Per the EPA.

  3. It amazes me you watch channels like royalty exotic cars that based in Vegas and he sends millions on cars and crap like that and a couple of miles away people are living in the sewer wow what a fucking awesome world we have the misfortune of living in. And people who have served their country with honour and pride have ended up there wow what a fucking mess we are in.

  4. This is America..!!! this is Americans! This is land of freedom!!! !!!!!!! Yeah!!! My ASS!!!
    Remember jackie brown’s movie scene when Samuel tell Robert deniro how beautiful his ass used to be.. same to USA..hey USA..your ass used to be beautiful,,what’s up?

  5. fuck i lived in the las vegas tunnels for 3 years before i got the fuck out of vegas and got off of drugs. theyre going to the outer city tunnels. the inner city tunnels are another beast. guns. heroin. meth. and violence

  6. The world's population is 7.9 billion….if we had just one day a year where everybody donates one pound or two dollars we would raise 7.9 billion. Donate the whole lot to sorting out the homelessness mess around the world.

  7. Don't make fun of these people. I went to Vegas once, on my way to back to Texas on the road in New Mexico, I saw spirits. What made me realize it was true and I wasn't imagining it, was a police officer who pulled me over and told me "I see them too".

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